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Debit Card Vs Credit Card: What’s The Safest Way To Pay?




The Debit card vs Credit card debate has been brewing for ages. The ease of payment these cards provide has spared customers from the burden of carrying cash at all times. However, given the prevalence of identity theft and card fraud in India today, safety is one of the key distinctions between a debit card and a credit card. But before diving into which mode of payment is safer and more secure, let’s get to know more about them in detail.

Understanding How Debit Cards are Different from Credit Cards

The name lets you know what a ‘credit card’ is used for. With this, you can immediately make instant purchases and pay them off later. Revolving lines of credit are typically available on credit cards, allowing you to either pay off your debt each month in full or carry a load from it to the next month.

Laced with a unique 16-digit number, you can swiftly make purchases in-person or online using credit cards. You can purchase with a credit card as long as you stay within your credit card limit. Remember that interest gets added to your outstanding debt if you pay it off after the credit card’s grace period ends. There is no palpable difference between Mastercard and Visa regarding credit card holders worldwide

On the other hand, a debit card is linked to your savings account, which means you can make purchases if there is a sufficient amount in the bank account. One of the positives of debit cards is that since you are using cash on hand, there is no risk of incurring debt due to the transaction.

Which is More Secure and Why?

Your debit card might occasionally be stolen, or your private credentials could be compromised. In such circumstances, inform the bank about the theft and block your debit card. The bank might not give you credit for the money spent without your knowledge or permission.

As opposed to this, a credit card offers fraud and theft insurance. It means the issuer refunds the money immediately if you report a fraudulent credit card transaction within the allotted period.

With a debit card, you normally only spend what you have on hand, as opposed to a credit card, which allows you to accumulate a sizeable debt in a short period quickly. In other words, credit cards make it less uncomfortable to spend future money than present money because you don’t have to pay for something immediately.


The advantages of using credit cards (that include additional rewards to improved fraud protection) frequently exceed the potential expenses if you use them properly and refrain from making purchases you can’t pay off over time. However, there are circumstances in which using a debit card might help you save money.

They can help you stay on track with a budget or avoid credit card debt and unwanted interest charges. The most optimal approach is to purchase using a credit card, only the amount you might be comfortable spending out-of-pocket. Using a credit card like a debit card will ensure budgetary restrictions and on-time debt repayment.

Source: Debit Card Vs Credit Card: What’s The Safest Way To Pay?