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Dylan Shively, From Everyday Employee to Full-time Entrepreneur, Dad, and Credit Expert



In today’s world where society is becoming highly dependent on credit, it is of utmost importance to maintain a good credit score. Credit scores do not only help you live comfortably but also show how good you are at making financial decisions.

Keeping a good credit score does not only help you with getting loans approved or getting a credit card, but it also shows your capacity to pay the entities that loan you money.

However, some people have a tendency to bite more than what they can chew and extend themselves to thin, to the point that they are not able to pay their debts, thus decreasing their credit scores.

Employees are also beginning to perform credit checks to see if one can be entrusted with the company’s finances and assets. Having financial troubles may give you a hard time finding work.

Bad credit was something veteran Dylan Shively struggled and conquered,

With only a high school diploma and no college degree, Dylan Shively became anxious about the path he was taking. He started his career as a car salesperson and eventually worked his way up. Constantly thinking about the family that he was going to have with his future wife and future child, Dylan worked extra hard to provide for his family, being the family man that he is.

Years passed and Dylan Shively moved from one company to another looking for the right balance of being able to be a good provider and being able to spend time with his family.

However, in 2017 he faced struggles with his personal credit with his credit score dropping by 250 points, he couldn’t get approved even for a store card and the only way he could pay was cash.

With his family and his employees counting on him, Dylan decided to turn things around and reached out to a credit repair company. But, instead of getting his credit scores up Dylan Shively’s scores dropped even more.

Due to the bad experience he had with a credit repair company, he decided to take the matters into his own hands and figured out how to fix his credit himself.

For Dylan Shively, everything that has happened to him was a blessing in disguise, and to pay it forward, he started his own credit repair company in 2018 called the JW Group Inc.

JW Group Inc. aims to provide value for their clientele and not just quick fixes. Clients are given consultation, analysis of their credit report for free. Furthermore, the company educates its clients on how credit works for them to make the best decision possible moving forward.

JW Group Inc. puts people over profit and believes in doing the right thing, no matter what. Unlike other credit repair companies that take time with repairing their clients’ credit, Dylan Shively and his team at JW group Inc. take massive action to repair your credit as quickly as possible.

Lastly, JW Group Inc. not only helps people repair their credit scores but also help them back on their feet and regain the confidence they deserve.

For more information about Dylan Shively and JW Group Inc., you can send them a message at

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