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Earn More Than Your Monthly Paycheck with Eric Jemielita and Genesis



Nowadays, with the cost of living on a steady rise, people are not just dependent on their monthly salaries to survive. Most would look for part-time jobs or side income to have higher savings and more purchasing power. If anyone would are given a chance to earn part-time, most would take it without a blink. This opportunity is what President and CEO Eric Jemelieta offer through his company, Genesis. At the young age of 18, he has come along way to provide aid to the American families. 

Jamelita Group was founded in 2009, and American-based entrepreneur Eric Jemelieta took part in this business while he was just in his teens. Sixteen years later, he now leads this family enterprise with his own Genesis. It is a financial company that specializes in helping families understand basic financial concepts they typically were never taught, and to assist them in making, saving, and investing their money to help them create a better tomorrow.

Their business is unique because they allow people to start on a part-time basis. That, traditionally, is unheard of in the insurance and investment industry. Thus, a single mom who works full time 9-5 job, who’s looking for an opportunity, could start in their business, become proficient at it within two to three months with our easy-to-learn system. From then on, she can begin the path to replacing her full-time income with minimal upfront start-up costs. Moreover, they show people how to maximize their tax-advantages on their investments and protect them with cutting edge insurance products they need, but that most don’t have.

In Genesis, they reach out to anyone who is above 25 years old. They feel that this age group is when one typically has a certain level of responsibility they must uphold, or they are thinking about their future or in the process of building their future. Their financial concepts and opportunities mesh best with these individuals. Genesis also targets individuals above the age of 50 because they typically have assets they need to secure and protect through our insurance and annuity programs. Anyone who is ambitious and who wants better for themselves is always welcome to give our opportunity a try. 

As of today, their team in Genesis believes that they have the best platform to build an enterprise in American business. Their company functions as a broker. Because of this, they can market their products and services to anyone with no territorial restrictions. Genesis also provides the best products and services after partnering with over 133 different companies. With that number, you could say that they sell their competitor’s products. 

What also sets Genesis is they do not require people to go full time into the business, unlike the traditional insurance industry. Usually, clients are at a standstill who can no longer gain traction once their warm market, namely friends and family, are tapped out. They have found a solution to this by allowing people to start part-time while providing a system that makes every conversation, a warm lead.

Aside from being President and CEO of Jemielita Group, Eric Jemelita owns Genesis. When not busy doing business, he is also a highly sought-after public speaker that focuses primarily on personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship, and life coaching. Collectively, Eric and his team have helped thousands of families get on the path toward financial independence. They extend aid to people by either taking advantage of their cutting edge financial products or by allowing them to start a fantastic part-time or full-time business. 

At present, Eric is expanding his reach across the United States. Just recently, he has opened several new offices in San Francisco, Irvine, and Walnut, California. His business is also located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Eric plans to continue helping thousands of other people to achieve financial independence through their first-class business platform. Their end goal is to impact others to become the very best versions of themselves.

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