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Everything You Need To Know About TurboTax’s New Taxcaster



TurboTax has just released their new taxcaster – an AI-powered software that will prepare your taxes for you, as well as answer all of your questions. However, there are some drawbacks to this software, so read on and find out everything you need to know about TurboTax’s new taxcaster!

What is the TurboTax Taxcaster?

TurboTax Taxcaster is a new feature available in the 2017 version of TurboTax. The Taxcaster allows users to electronically file their federal and state taxes using the 2017 edition of TurboTax. The Taxcaster is free to use and is available on desktop and mobile devices. child tax credit calculator

To use the Taxcaster, first download and install the 2017 edition of TurboTax. Once installed, open the product. Next, click on File > Taxes > e-file & get started. The Taxcaster will open and you will be asked to provide your personal information, including your Social Security number. You will also need to provide your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from your most recent tax filing. After you have completed all of this information, click on Start e-file.

The Taxcaster will start processing your taxes and you will receive updates as the process progresses. When it is finished, you will be able to print out your complete tax return or save it online for future reference.

The Benefits of Using the TurboTax Taxcaster

TurboTax’s new taxcaster is a helpful tool for filing your taxes. It allows you to check your calculations and make changes before you file. The new taxcaster can also help you avoid errors by providing step-by-step instructions.

The TurboTax Taxcaster is available on the TurboTax website and on the app store. You can use it with any version of TurboTax, including the free edition.

The TurboTax Taxcaster is available in English and Spanish. You can use the Taxcaster with either a desktop or laptop computer, or an Android or iOS device.

The TurboTax Taxcaster is fast and easy to use. It walks you through each step of the filing process, including entering your income and expenses, calculating your taxes, and checking your calculations.

If you have questions while using the Taxcaster, TurboTax has a toll-free customer service line that is open from 7am to 10pm EST every day of the year. You can also contact them online at or by phone at 1-800-829-3676 (in the United States).

How to Use the TurboTax Taxcaster

TurboTax Taxcaster is a new tool that allows you to get your taxes done quickly and easily. When you use the Taxcaster, TurboTax will pre-populate most of the tax forms for you, making it easier for you to file your taxes. You can also use the Taxcaster to find any deductions or credits that may apply to your situation.

To use the Taxcaster, first decide which type of return you need: individual, married filing jointly, or qualifying widow(er). TurboTax will then ask some basic questions about your income and expenses. From there, TurboTax will provide a pre-filled tax form for you to complete. If there are any additional questions that need to be answered, TurboTax provides prompts for those as well.

Once you have completed your tax form, save it electronically using the “Save & Close” button on the top right corner of the form. Once saved, you can print out your completed tax form if needed. You can also e-file your taxes using the “E-File Now” button on the top right corner of each tax form if eligible. If e-filing is not an option for you because of federal/state filing requirements, download and print out all copies of your tax forms and mail them in with correct postage as required by law.

How to File Taxes with the TurboTax Taxcaster

TurboTax has just released a new taxcaster that makes it super easy to file your taxes. The Taxcaster is available as a standalone product or as an add-on to TurboTax 2016 and 2017. Here’s everything you need to know about the Taxcaster:

How it works: The Taxcaster automatically prepares and files your taxes for you, based on your information. You don’t have to do anything except enter your basic income, deductions and credits.

There are two ways to use the Taxcaster: online or offline.

Online mode: In online mode, you access the Taxcaster by clicking on the “File Taxes” button in TurboTax’s main window. The Taxcaster will open in a new browser window and will prepare and file your taxes based on your information. You can continue working on other tasks while the Taxactorprepares your taxes. When it’s finished, the Taxescraper will give you a summary of its results, along with instructions for filing your return.

Offline mode: If you prefer not to use the internet, you can use offline mode instead. In Offline Mode, you download the Taxatcher application (available on iOS and Android devices) onto your computer. Then, you open the application and enter your information into it. The Taxatcher will then prepare and file your taxes based on this information, saving you time from having to enter all of this data yourself! You


TurboTax’s new taxcaster is a big deal, and if you’re using the software to prepare your taxes this year, it’s important that you understand all of its features. This article will give you everything you need to know about the new taxcaster so that you can get started on your return today.


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