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Get To Know The Man Behind One Of The Most Forex Trading Academies In The World



Get To Know The Man Behind One Of The Most Forex Trading Academies In The World

Ken Ibizugbe is a 28-year-old entrepreneur and forex trader who was born in Gesin, Germany; he lived there for seven years before he moved to the USA.  Ken didn’t have quite the childhood, but he remains grateful for all of it regardless. Growing up, he was able to pick up things quite quickly. He self-taught himself how to play basketball and in no time it became his first love. 

He used basketball as a vehicle for increased success as he got a basketball scholarship to play for a school up in New Hampshire. Once he enrolled in college, he came to a bitter realization that it wasn’t for him. 

A New Beginning 

Ken wanted way more from life so he dropped out in his sophomore year to pursue entrepreneurship like his mother.  For a single mother who raised three boys at the time, she achieved a whole lot. She was his biggest motivation to forge ahead. Her resilience made him believe that he could do all he set out to do; even much better. 

Initially, he had no plan or ideas on what he wanted to do. Not long after quitting college, he ran into an old friend and they set up a network marketing company together called “Wake Up Now”. This friend also introduced him to the idea of foreign exchange trading. Immediately he got some knowledge, he instantly felt the total mastery of trading was his calling. 

Whilst in the process of learning all about it, he worked multiple jobs. He got fired from about 12 jobs for reasons bordering on late coming. Ken was out of the job market and he decided to use the income garnered from his previous jobs to fund his trading account. His first year in the forex terrain was his learning year. He had to deal with people who didn’t believe in him and this completely motivated him to be better. 

By his second year, he was already making profits from trading. Towards the end of the second year and the beginning of his third year, he became quite independent and was able to start taking risks. 

He started a telegram group “AllBlueZone” where he gave out his trade ideas for free for a whole year. He believed in creating a community where people could trust him. Once he successfully created the community, he was able to really change a lot of lives. All these events led to him creating his first company “Blue Capital FX”. 

His first month cleared up $89,000 in sales. By December 2018, he subsequently had his biggest trading month.  

Overcoming Obstacles And Avoiding Stress

Ken shares that the most challenging thing he encountered was the lack of results. He was almost giving up on his company in July 2019. Nothing seemed to be going his way. Persistence and perseverance helped him scale through. 

Tackling obstacles comes with a lot of stress. To avoid stress, Ken recommends that you reflect on your life and its realities as this will enable you to live in the moment and relax. 

Coupled with the reflection, leading a life of gratitude for the little things takes the pressure off. He also finds music, walks, and light work to be great stress relievers.  

Achieving Success

Ken has been a successful forex trader for five years and in this short period, he’s achieved a lot. His biggest achievement so far would be making a mind-blowing sum of $700,000. This happened in the month of December 2018. In February 2020, he hit his first million-dollar account. 

Other worthy mentions include flipping an account from $985.51 to $100,000 in the month of March 2020.  Also in March 2020, he had his first $80,000 sale from his forex trading academy.  

Drawing Inspiration

We all have that one thing that drives us to do remarkable things, you know! That thing that gives us the required motivation or pushes we need to set out on daring adventures. 

Well, Ken’s inspiration to tread the fashion industry came from the need to impact people’s lives and gift them with the skillsets he possesses. Creating the academy was the best way for him to turn people’s financial situations around. Because he has a big heart, he holds himself accountable for impacting the lives of as many people as possible.  

You can keep up with Ken and follow his journey here


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