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How John Whiting Built & Sold a 7-Figure Business



John Whiting is one of the most successful up & coming mentors to business owners around the world. At 30 years old, he has built & sold a 7-Figure business in just under 18 months, booking over 40,000 appointments in the process and has helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs create the business of their dreams – including 50 6-figure earners and 4 documented 7-figure earners.

But this didn’t happen overnight. John has been marketing and selling for 12 years. He’s marketed and sold everything from kitchen knives, golf instruction, 6-figure janitorial contracts, energy efficient home improvements, health supplements, 7-figure brand deals and consulting packages… just to name a few.

Over the years, John’s focus has shifted to social media & the internet to leverage the power of reach & automation to refine his marketing & sales skills. 

“We’re dealing with human psychology. It is not ‘niche specific’. The same principles apply whether you’re selling donuts, real estate, insurance or yachts… you have to have the right positioning, with the right message, with the right calls to action. If you don’t check the appropriate boxes in people’s minds, they won’t buy from you – let alone talk to you… and you only have 2.5 seconds to capture that attention”

John has developed a process of reverse engineering an entire business based on starting from the end result and working backwards.

“Most entrepreneurs get all excited about the opportunity once they have the ‘entrepreneurial seizure’ (as my mentor Keith Cunningham puts it). They think everyone just ‘has to have’ this product or service and they proceed with trying to shove it in people’s faces… then, when that doesn’t work, they think they have a ‘lead generation method’ or ‘sales script’ issue… what they don’t realize is that there are two steps that need to be in place before attempting to generate leads or sell something”

Those two steps are “authority” & “positioning”. John teaches entrepreneurs how to put their best foot forward, especially online, so when their prospects “check them out”, they see the right message, imagery, social proof, authority and mouth-watering call to action.

“You can make a million calls, send a million messages, spend a million on promotion, but if you have the wrong positioning, wrong imagery, wrong message, no social proof, no authority… it won’t matter…”

John has applied this process to dozens of wildly different business types with phenomenal success with his Business Growth for Entrepreneurs program. 


Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine