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How Marjorie Mata Empowers People to Achieve Financial Freedom



Everything is always complicated when it comes to money. The entire world revolves around money, after all, as its purpose is crucial to society: a medium of exchange for goods or services and a representation of value.

Technology has also played a critical role in advancing the way money is being handled, like cashless payments, credit cards, and stock markets. They also needed to be factored in and considered during outlining because they can contribute to a banking demise.

It’s not enough to be reactive when it comes to monetary matters; there must be a proactive and strategic approach to maximize financial capacity. Navigating finance is intense and overwhelming for people who are not knowledgeable. For Marjorie Mata’s clients, the world of finance doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Marjorie has equipped herself to help anyone who is struggling to keep their footing when it comes to handling their finances. She has been an entrepreneur for twelve years, working closely in the financial sector. Her experience in the industry is reliable and insightful, making her extremely efficient for more than a decade in her career and allowed her to span across different branches of the industry.

As an accountant, Marjorie is adept at looking for discrepancies in financial data and conducting audits for her clients. 

As a financial advisor, she constructs personalized plans and approaches that are in line with her clients’ monetary goals and teaches them how to go through them. Marjorie educates her clients and helps them understand essential topics like budgeting, savings, investments, and taxes. She also gives her clients sound guidance and encourages them to build the proper mindset fit for their goals. 

As a credit repair specialist, she can help her clients remove student loans and medical bills off their credit reports effectively. Marjorie knows how harmful and costly bad credit is for anyone, and likewise knows how to whip any credit to shape and improve the credit score.

Recently, Marjorie became a part of a network marketing company called Legacy 10X Group. Joining the company changed her life forever, where her six-figure annual salary became a six-figure monthly income, with the average agent making $10,000 a month. In the company, Marjorie helped several clients become six- to seven-figure earners by providing credit repair services, including life insurance. Their clients range from network marketers, families with children, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, insurance agents, accountants, and tax preparers. The company charges less but delivers more.

As a woman in the finance industry, Marjorie hopes to motivate, empower, and inspire other women through the work she’s been doing. Marjorie wants to see more women entrepreneurs maneuvering their way with ease through the twists and turns of commerce to financial freedom. She will help in the way she knows how, by teaching them the power of credit and compound saving, thus changing her client’s family’s generational wealth and securing them economically for time to come.

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