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How Sterling Heights Financial Group Innovates the Dynamic in the Insurance Industry



To achieve financial security, the upfront cost is an inevitable requirement. As a result, many consumers are too intimidated to even look at their options. But the misconception that insurance rates are anti-client is completely untrue because companies like Sterling Heights Financial Group are revolutionizing the insurance space with top quality financial products at the lowest rates.

Sterling Heights Financial Group, LLC is an independent company launched and structured to provide ethical, professional, financial guidance to clients of all demographics and incomes. The company’s independent financial advisors offer their clients free financial education and a wide array of carriers and packages. Sterling Heights assists its clients to cover their insurance, investments, retirement, and business plans at discounted rates, instantly making them the insurance provider of choice in the market.

Each of their financial advisors takes the responsibility as fiduciaries to put their clients first in everything they do and provide the highest standard of care, carrying the mission of providing the best service while remaining affordable. Moreover, Sterling Heights Financial Group completely cuts out product incentives that many firms utilize.

Sterling Heights has products on offer to cater to the smallest and largest financial needs. Its advisors carry out their services by setting a foundation for forming strategic and meaningful connections with other industry professionals to build an extensive network for their clients. This way, Sterling Heights can also address the other issues of their clients outside their finances. The company’s main products on offer include rollover services, retirement planning, business plans, life insurance and long term care, home and auto insurance, and financial review.

Because most clients want to have a company that serves as a one-stop-shop for all these financial needs, Sterling Heights has an entrusted specialist to handle each insurance type. As an example, Jesse Bowman is the dedicated partner for retirement planning, and Doug Raible specializes in business planning. This focused strategy keeps each aspect of the business plan optimized while keeping the client at the core of planning their insurance, investment, business, and retirement. This model has proven effective for the company, as it allows them to be one of the lowest cost providers in their serviced locations, while providing incredible convenience to their clients.

As an independent company, Sterling Heights Financial Group can broker out all products and investments to find the best option for each individual client, as opposed to selling products for an investment firm. With this strategy, the company is able to provide its client base more value for their money at relatively lower rates compared to its competitors.

Sterling Heights Financial Group currently operates in Pennsylvania and Florida, and wants to continue changing the dynamics of traditional financial firms in these markets. Their trusted and esteemed financial experts are continuously on the search for clients who are in need of support and direction in managing their savings and retirement funds.

On top of offering services at the most affordable rates, Sterling Heights Financial Group serves as an educational platform, giving clients access to financial literacy at absolutely no additional cost. During consultation and throughout the process, customers don’t find themselves at the receiving end of an endless product pitch; rather, they are provided first-class treatment as students of the financial industry.

To find out more about Sterling Heights Financial Group and how they can assist you, visit their official website.

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