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QuickBooks HubSpot Integration

The QuickBooks HubSpot Integration is one of the world’s most trusted and efficient CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software applications. It is highly user-friendly as it offers a range of solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. HubSpot has an intuitive user interface and has provided reliable and innovative marketing technology solutions. It has garnered popularity as it has enhanced automated workflows and efficiency in businesses. The solutions provided by this software application have been supportive in major social media campaign management. In addition, it has provided seamless email integration with popular email platforms like Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail.

Besides being a reliable CRM software, it offers seamless integration with QuickBooks, the world’s most trusted accounting software. After the successful integration, users are allowed to view their invoice information which helps them in creating invoices directly from the deal record in HubSpot and then view payment events on their deal timeline.

For user benefit, Intuit, the parent company of QuickBooks and HubSpot has collaborated to launch HubSpot for QuickBooks. It works as an effective integration support that allows users to help their business in all types of operations for better results. QuickBooks Online users who own an authorized HubSpot CRM subscription can integrate the two systems to get their data integrated seamlessly.

Important Features of QuickBooks HubSpot Integration

  • Users can effortlessly automate QuickBooks processes with HubSpot CRM Workflows.
  • Users can easily create invoices from deal records within HubSpot
  • Users can click as well as view invoice information inside HubSpot
  • Users can view invoice payments on deal timelines
  • Users can Sync contacts and products between the two systems
  • It substantially improves financial value reporting on contacts

QuickBooks HubSpot Integration enables sales representatives to create invoices to send to clients directly from deal records inside HubSpot. Consequently, businesses get paid quickly and the sales team will get a better insight into the cash flow of converted leads in your organization. It will also allow team members to view invoice information, and record invoice payments on deal timelines. In addition, QuickBooks HubSpot Integration can also automate tasks inside QuickBooks using HubSpot workflows. It is also beneficial for accountants as they can pull data directly from deal records to help create invoices.

Benefits of QuickBooks HubSpot Integration

  • The invoice information and data between both programs can be easily coordinated. As a result, the teams can enhance operational efficiency, reduce the time for manual data sharing, and can eradicate silos between teams regarding financial information.
  • It delivers shorter sales cycles that enable payments to be received, processed as well as allocated quickly.
  • The relevant data gets centralized in one place. The teams get accurate and appropriate information at right time.
  • QuickBooks HubSpot Integration permits faster approval times for QuickBooks Online Advanced customers as they can unlock additional features to build efficient custom workflows and approval processes.
  • It provides a greater customer experience and enhances business and provides them better scalability and growth.

Effective Steps for QuickBooks HubSpot Integration

  • First of all, you are supposed to authenticate your QuickBooks and HubSpot app accounts. Now, you should your HubSpot account, positioned at the main Navigation Bar, and then click the Marketplace icon and then select App Marketplace. Next, you should navigate to search bar, and then locate and select the QuickBooks Online Integration. As you are going to the upper right-click, you should now click Install App.


  • Thereafter, you should log in to your QuickBooks Online details in applicable fields. After the seamless integration of these two apps, it will get automatically listed in user’s Connected Apps section. Now, you can connect multiple accounts by going to the Marketplace icon, placed in the main navigation bar. After going to the Manage section, you should now select Connected Apps. In the next step, you should select QuickBooks Online and then click Connect QuickBooks account in the upper right. On contrary, you can select the Disconnect option, if you want to disconnect accounts.


Limitations and important sync features of QuickBooks HubSpot Integration

  • The currency used by users in the QuickBooks invoice has to be the same in HubSpot. It is done for effectively syncing data from QuickBooks to the deal properties. For viewing invoices created in the QuickBooks account, users are supposed to add them to their HubSpot account.


  • Furthermore, the integration done between HubSpot and QuickBooks Desktop (Enterprise, Professional, Other) is configurable. While effortlessly integrating HubSpot and QuickBooks, customers from QuickBooks Desktop (Enterprise, Professional, Other) to HubSpot get syncs as a company. Similarly, it effectively syncs companies from HubSpot to QuickBooks Desktop (Enterprise, Professional, Other) as a customer. While effortlessly integrating HubSpot and QuickBooks, it seamlessly syncs orders from QuickBooks Desktop (Enterprise, Professional, Other) to HubSpot as a Deal. Similarly, it effectively syncs Deal from HubSpot to QuickBooks Desktop (Enterprise, Professional, Other) as an Order.


  • While effortlessly integrating HubSpot and QuickBooks, it seamlessly syncs items and pricing from QuickBooks Desktop (Enterprise, Professional, Other) to HubSpot as an item. Similarly, it effectively syncs items from HubSpot to QuickBooks Desktop (Enterprise, Professional, Other) as an item. While effortlessly integrating HubSpot and QuickBooks, it seamlessly syncs invoices from QuickBooks Desktop (Enterprise, Professional, Other) to HubSpot as a Deal.


  • Similarly, it effectively syncs Deal from HubSpot to QuickBooks Desktop (Enterprise, Professional, Other) as an invoice. It helps users in creating workflows using the new invoice deal properties. The QuickBooks HubSpot Integration new properties comprise Invoice recipient, Invoice amount billed, Invoice status, Invoice number, and Invoice Due Date. The new invoice properties enable users in creating custom reports. It helps users in having insight into the income their team is generating for their business.



In this blog, we have provided adequate details about QuickBooks HubSpot Integration. If you need additional information or assistance then you can contact our QuickBooks technical support team.