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Top 5 types of ETFs for 2019



Top 5 types of ETFs for 2019

If you’re an investor, chances are you’re wondering what the best ETFs for this year are. The truth is, not every investment idea works the same for every investor. For example, some moves might be better for a relatively new investor than for a retiree and vice versa. It all depends on your risk of tolerance and investment goals. However, some types of ETFs that are considered to be worth investing in by almost anyone. That said, let’s take a look at five of these that are expected to do well in 2019.


Real estate ETFs

There’s no need to say that investing in real estate is almost always a great idea for investors. Those who specialize in real estate are able to get diversification benefits from joining a real estate investment trust (REIT). REITs are usually entities that develop or manage basically any type of property. This can be anything from residential to industrial real estate. As an investor, you can buy or trade with shares in ETFs with one or multiple REITs in your portfolio. There are a number of real estate ETFs you can invest in 2019 and keeping a close eye on them is recommended.

Top 5 types of ETFs for 2019

Gold and silver ETFs

Another great way to enter the ETF market is to opt for gold and silver ETFs. Precious metals have always been considered a good investment, especially for high-inflation environments. There are numerous options for those who want to opt for gold and silver ETFs meaning that you can find something that suits your investing style. For example, there are gold and silver ETFs that come with lower transaction costs which make them a perfect option for more experienced traders. On the other hand, there are some that are more suitable for long-term investors.



If you’ve been paying attention, you probably heard a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) in the last few years. People have been investing in it for quite some time and 2019 is still the right time to do so. There are ETFs that can benefit from the use of AI technology, especially when it comes to non-industrial robotics and things such as self-driving vehicles and social media. These are ETFs that specifically involves investing in companies that develop such products and services. With the use of AIs expected to keep increasing, investors should think about adding these to their portfolio.

Top 5 types of ETFs for 2019

Clean energy ETFs

Clean energy ETFs are funds that primarily invest in alternative sources of energy such as solar, wind or water. With the entire world starting to be more aware of the way we use energy, this might just be the perfect time to invest in one of these. Most of the time, this includes keeping track of companies involved in creating clean and renewable energy sources. It’s important to note that 2018 was a down year for clean energy ETFs but they’re expected to rebound in 2019. Right now, these ETFs have a solid momentum and are in double-digit gains which is exactly what you want from your ETFs.

Currency ETFs

Among so many different classes of ETFs, currencies often end up being overlooked by investors. However, they’re another great option for anyone looking to invest in an ETF. The most common use of such ETFs is rather simple. You bet on currencies and their spot exchange rates. They’re most often used for hedging purposes since almost all investors are exposed to currency movements. Another popular use of currency ETFs is to make long-term macro bets on countries that are expected to do well in the future.

The bottom line

The ETF landscape is huge at the moment and it only seems to be growing. These types of ETFs are considered the best among the investors and if you’ve decided to invest in ETFs, sticking to one or a few of them is a good idea. Of course, make sure that investment fits work well for you in terms of risk tolerance and investment goals.

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