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5 Factors Which Affect Bitcoin Prices And Valuation  



5 Factors Which Affect Bitcoin Prices And Valuation  

The prices of the Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin often fluctuate as per the market dynamics. You must understand that Bitcoin prices rise and fall may increase or decrease as per the market situation.    

Several factors are there, which may result in fluctuations in the Bitcoin pricing. Stocks and Bitcoin are not similar to each other. Their prices often fluctuate. It may rise or fall as per the market situation. 

You need to understand the scenarios and the market dynamics to measure the rate of inflation and changes in the current market scenario before investing your money in Bitcoin.  


Different Factors That Affects The Prices & Valuation Of Bitcoins 

Several important factors affect the valuation of Bitcoins in the market. Therefore, let’s explore some of the essential elements of the Cryptocurrency market.  


1. Demand & Supply 

Countries that operate without a fixed foreign exchange rate partially control how much the currency gets circulated by changing the reserve requirements and adjusting the discount rates. 

With these options in mind, the central bank can impact the exchange rate of its currency. The protocols of Bitcoin are affected when the new Bitcoins are mined. When the miners process the blocks of the transactions at that time, at the rate when the new coins are introduced, it becomes slow over time.   

Supply of the Bitcoin also affects its prices. The number of Bitcoin is limited to almost 21 million. If the Supply of Bitcoin is reduced, then it’s worth will automatically increase. The artificial inflation mechanism cannot impact the prices of Bitcoin anymore. 


2. Competition    

Sometimes the prices of Bitcoin are also challenged by other Cryptocurrencies of the world. While Bitcoin is the most dominant option among all the world’s Cryptocurrencies, Altcoins, Litecoins, and EOS are among Bitcoin’s closest competitors.    

The fall and the rise of these Cryptocurrencies can impact the demand and supply pattern of Bitcoin. The crowded field of Cryptocurrencies is better for the investors; the reason is it will keep the options open in front of the investors to switch for a better chance.   

Fortunately, Bitcoin provides high visibility and gives an astounding edge over its competitors.    


3. Cost Of Production   

Bitcoins are digital currency; they are not a paper currency that can be minted. Blockchain Technology is used to mine Bitcoin. Most of the critical aspect here is that massive electricity is required to mine a Bitcoin.   

If the production cost is high, then automatically, the Bitcoin exchange prices will also shoot up. Hence, you need to buy Bitcoin at higher prices. Bitcoin Algorithm allows one block of Bitcoins to be found on an average of every ten minutes. 

It means more human resources are required to mine the Bitcoin. Therefore you will receive the Bitcoin at a very high price.    


4. Availability On Currency Exchange  

The investors in Cryptocurrencies trade in Cryptocurrencies over the GDAX, Coinbase, and on other exchanges. 

If the Bitcoin availability is less in these exchanges, the demand will become high, and the prices of the Bitcoin will rise. But if the Bitcoin is available at an abundant rate in these exchanges, the demand will fall, and the Bitcoin prices will also fall along with it.   

You need to understand the availability rate of the Bitcoin in various exchanges before you buy it. You cannot make your investments blindly to incur heavy losses. 


5. Regulation & Legal Matters   

With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, the regulation and its prices vary in many countries of the world. The Bitcoin costs increase or decrease due to the country’s rules & regulations where it is traded. 

After the post-COVID-19 situation, many countries of the world are in a mood to provide Bitcoin a legal status and a regular currency of their country. 



It is clear that Bitcoin availability can vary from one country to another. Yes, it is a fact that Bitcoin’s popularity has increased a lot, but some countries are still in turmoil to adopt it as their primary mode of exchange. If you need more information, you can get the idea from to get a better idea about it. 

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.