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How to Recharge Now with Pay Later Option



How to Recharge Now with Pay Later Option

Recharge now pay later is an avatar of buy now pay later, a short-term financing option that enables users to pay back the amount of recharge or a product within a certain period. Pay later allows you to recharge your prepaid mobile plan without depositing any money. This emergency service is provided by companies such as Airtel, Vodafone, JIO, and Idea, as well as other telecom companies.

Pay Later with Airtel Recharge Now

Airtel customers with a low airtime balance can borrow from Airtel by calling the Airtel Talktime Loan number. There is also the option for 3G and 4G users to get internet data loans from the telecom giant. During the loan period, 80 MB of data will be provided, and the loan amount will be automatically deducted from the main balance on the card.

Users need to follow certain criteria to use this Pay Later service 

  • You must have a balance of lower than 5 rupees on your Airtel main account
  • You must have had your Airtel number for 90 days
  • Refunds for Talktime loans are subject to a service charge
  • As soon as your next recharge is made, the loan amount will be automatically deducted from your account

Steps to Apply for an SMS loan or Pay Later option with Airtel 

  • Dial *141*10#
  • Choose the most suitable loan option for your needs
  • Enter 1 on your mobile phone to validate the request

Steps to Get an Airtel Data Loan

  • Open phone dialer
  • Dial *141*567#
  • Your screen will show the message
  • Confirm Data Loan

Advantages of Recharge Now with Pay Later Option

  • Quick Check-out

In some Pay Later products, you will have to enter a one-time password to complete a transaction, whereas, in others, you can make payments with just a click of a button. This transaction requires no OTP or PIN, so you can be sure that it will go smoothly and without any hassle.

  • Easy Credit

Using a recharge now with pay later option gives customers an instant credit line they can access anytime. A customer’s credit limit can also be increased after multiple recharges.

  • Seamless Payment

Many Recharge Now with Pay Later Options are compatible with QR code scanning. The money is also deducted when you recharge in the Main Balance account.

Use Bajaj Finserv App to Save Time For Prepaid Recharge

Listed below are some of the advantages and features of their app.


In a hurry, when you do not have the luxury of extra time, you should choose the payment method that will take you the least amount of time. To recharge Airtel prepaid plans online, you may choose from a variety of payment methods that you can use to pay the amount of your recharge through mobile app.

Reduce costs

A fee is usually associated with each transfer of money made, and this fee can be changed according to the current market conditions at the time of the transfer, unlike their Payment System, which requires a one-time, flat fee that is not accompanied by any hidden charges or other penalties.

Conflict Resolution

At some point, the digital payment process of Airtel prepaid plans online, as well as the physical payment process may encounter technical difficulties at the same time. A bank or any other financial institution, as soon as this happens, has the option to file a grievance with them so that, if they believe the situation has been mishandled, they can begin an investigation right away.

Reliable settlement process

There is no doubt that it is important to note that their payment system ensures that all payments are accepted and settled, irrespective of the fact that payment of prepaid mobile recharge plans online may have been declined or money may have been withdrawn from the customer’s bank account. It is expected that the compensation will be transferred within the time frame that has been stipulated for the transfer.

Final Thoughts

The recharge now with pay later facility has become increasingly popular because it is a flexible payment method of paying recharge amounts online such as Airtel Prepaid recharge. As a result of the development of this service, it has become a convenient and affordable option that reduces the financial burden on debtors. As the Pay Later option is a small-ticket loan, paying for mobile recharge online is possible when you don’t have sufficient money in your wallet.

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