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Activities that form part of corporate team building Toronto



corporate team building toronto

Are you willing to explore the activities which form a corporate team building Toronto? Well, no need to worry any more. We are here to guide you about the 5 activities which are easy to do. One can

Which activities can help in corporate team building Toronto?

Trust your partner – This game is a great start to the corporate team building Toronto. The manager can divide the participants into a team. They then have to blindfold one of the 2 members. Hurdles are to be placed in between the paths. The member will be guiding the blindfolded individual. He or she has to follow the instructions to safeguard themselves. They have to avoid distractions and reach the finish line in the least possible time. The members will be better able to trust their companions and the instructions which are given. They will be tested for their listening ability through the commotion.

Battle of distancing – The corporate team is divided into a team of 5 participants each. They then have to hold 4 balloons and move in a straight line towards the end. If any one of the balloons falls down, all have to restart from the starting line. It requires the command of the individual and the right pace for the team to follow. The corporate team building Toronto included this activity for the employees to understand that slow and steady wins the race. They have to work together with the pace of the team and not run alone. They will be given repeated chances till the time the best team reaches the finish line.

2 Truth and a Lie – This activity is quite famous for corporate team building Toronto. The employees can come up with 3 sentences about their lives. Those 3 sentences can be twisted to make them look true. One of the 3 sentences that the individual presents needs to be a lie. Everyone else will be allowed to question the speaker about the 3 sentences to better analyze the situation. People can bluff about a false sentence and others have to get the truth out in the least possible time. This would help the individuals judge each other’s ability to present their case.

Shipwreck – Everyone has to consider that they have been stranded on a ship and it has a hole in it. Time is less, they have to convince each other of their abilities and choose the person who should survive on the ship. Only 1 lifesaver jacket is available for a group of 5 individuals. This activity, as part of the corporate team building Toronto will help the individual display their qualities. The best qualities which the team feels the need to sustain for the crisis in the present scenario will be provided with the lifesaver jacket. Everyone else will be thrown in the water.

Connect the dots – This activity of corporate team building Toronto is known for spontaneous answers. Everyone has to say a word which comes to their mind after listening to the word which the previous individual has said. For example, love – heart – beats – string – necklace – money – salary – tax – reductions – month end,  and the game continues. People tend to laugh about the things that they can relate to. The employees match vibes with each other and find common ground for conversation.


In a nutshell, the corporate team building Toronto is very essential. The timely activities for the workers will help them trust each other. One can build confidence in their team through these activities. So, what are you waiting for? Ask your company to organise one!