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5 Best Free Cloud Gaming Platforms



Best Free Cloud Gaming platforms

The minimum hardware requirements are not sufficient to ensure that the game runs smoothly. Modern graphics-intensive games need a lot more RAM and graphical power. You will need high-end gaming hardware to play the latest games. But is there an alternative?

Yes! Cloud gaming services let you play your favorite games from any device with an internet connection and a display. Cloud gaming services are the best and most reliable, so your low-end hardware won’t be a hindrance to your gaming experience.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming refers to the practice of playing video games on distant servers located in data centers. There is no requirement for PC or console game download and installation. Instead, streaming services send gaming data to an app or browser installed on the receiver device, which needs a steady internet connection. Even though the game is played and rendered on a distant server, everything is displayed and interacted with locally on your device.

Cloud Gaming Services Benefits

Cloud gaming offers many advantages over traditional gaming. There are many great benefits of cloud gaming, including:

1. High-end hardware is not required

Cloud gaming services don’t require you to have high-end hardware to enjoy your favorite games. It is possible to play the latest games on older devices without having to spend a penny on hardware upgrades. A cloud gaming service is a great option if you don’t own a high-end device but still enjoy gaming.

2. You don’t need to download any games

This file requires about a hundred gigabytes of storage space. It’s not a huge deal. You will need to have a lot of storage space and bandwidth in order to download such large files. You will need to increase your storage space in order to have a large library of modern games.

Cloud gaming doesn’t require you to download any files to be able to play a particular game. Cloud gaming also gives you access to a vast game library, something that is almost impossible with traditional gaming.

3. Freedom to go anywhere

Gaming devices are generally not portable. Even the most portable gaming laptops won’t let you play in a subway or waiting room. Cloud gaming makes gaming portable and allows you to play wherever you are at any given time.

4. Play on any device

Cloud gaming allows you to play on Android, iPhones, and Windows devices. These services allow cross-platform gaming across devices. Progress is synced across all devices that are registered to the same account. Even if you don’t have a bigger screen, you can still play on your smartphone.

5 Best Cloud Gaming Platforms

These are the 5 best Cloud Gaming Platforms for Free:

  2. Rainway
  3. NetBoom
  4. Boosteroid
  5. Blacknut is a mobile gaming platform that uses cloud technology to solve the problems that mobile game developers have with player acquisition, visibility, and profitability. Play popular games like Roblox and Minecraft on the platform. All you need is an internet-connected device. Play amazing Roblox games on this platform by logging in (For logging in click on the Roblox login option). Since the website is still active, its creators have made it possible to play any Roblox game on any device. The games are free to play. You can also use real money to buy in-game items, and the profits will go towards improving the website.


What happens if your gaming computer isn’t available every time you play? Rainway is your host, streaming your PC games to your mobile devices. Rainway is only available to those who have a gaming computer and installed games. However, it can be used by anyone with a large niche.

The streaming quality is significantly better than many cloud gaming services that have poor backend hardware. Even though the streaming quality is still a major factor, it can be clear if the conditions are right.


NetBoom offers a complete cloud gaming experience for mobile devices. You can stream your favorite games via Android, iOS, and web browsers. The NetBoom gaming interface is designed to seamlessly handle touch-input PC games. You can even use it as a virtual keyboard during gameplay. NetBoom’s best feature is the ease of playing games. You can play any game you like because it doesn’t require installation or configuration. You can enjoy a good gaming experience, especially if the internet is fast. You can connect peripheral devices like earphones or controllers to the application and adjust their settings.


Boosteroid, a cloud-based browser gaming service, allows you to play a variety of games. Boosteroid can be set up in a few minutes. Start playing by logging into the website. You don’t need to install anything or set up anything. The cloud gaming service is accessible via the web browser and supports all platforms, including Macs, PCs, laptops, tablets, as well as other devices. Boosteroid works with Nvidia and Intel to offer a great gaming experience. You can play high-resolution games (1080p) with a 15 Mbps connection. 


Blacknut is an affordable cloud gaming platform that offers a simple interface. To get to know the application, you will receive a free two-week trial. Blacknut sells its product as a family-centric enterprise and includes parental control and multiple profile support.

It can be used on Windows, Mac, Amazon Fire TV, and Linux. Although the platform offers 500+ games, some of the most popular games are not available. Blacknut is a good platform for basic gaming but not the best if you are a professional gamer.


Cloud gaming is the future. These are the top cloud gaming services, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Look for a great streaming experience and a wide selection of games when choosing your next cloud gaming provider. Boosteroid, Blacknut, and are some of the top cloud gaming services.