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Discover Blooket Game and Reap Out its Benefits




Blooket is a newcomer to the world of online quizzes for educators. It now has twelve different stress relief games styles to engage students as an online gamification tool, with both a synchronous mode (educators host a game in class) and an asynchronous mode (educators assign homework for students to play). When students play these games, they improve their understanding, practice, and mastery of classroom content while also building a community. Blooket games generate a high-energy environment that has been shown to motivate many students. It’s also simple to navigate and find Blooket sets made by other users.

  • Twelve or More Game Modes

Many learners, especially those who enjoy playing video games, enjoy Blooket’s variety of game modes, some of which are similar to games they may be familiar with (similar to Pokemon, for example). In effect, these game modes “trick” learners into practicing the teacher-created material by simulating other forms of games that they play for fun.

  • Construct a Set

After logging in to and selecting “create” in the top right, users with free Blooket accounts are able to create and change an unlimited number of sets. Users can pick “public” or “private” for the privacy setting to control whether other Blooket users can find and play their question set. Users can also add a title, description, and cover image for their set. After that, users can select one of three creation techniques: manual (create each question and answer from scratch), Quizlet Import, or Spreadsheet Import (use a Google spreadsheet or Excel spreadsheet to import questions).

  • Include a Query

Teachers can add images to their questions by uploading a file, a URL, or an image from an image gallery when they add questions. Users must set up at least one right response and add two (minimum) to four (maximum) answers while creating answers. Additionally, participants can choose whether answers will be provided to them in a random or predetermined order, as well as the time limit for each question. To save a set to be ready for play, click “Save” followed by “Save Sets.”

  • Run a contest

Users will automatically return to their Blooket Dashboard after saving a set to see which ones can be played by clicking “Host” to start a game and choose from one of twelve available game modes. Users typically have the opportunity to select the length of the game, solo or team mode, as well as several additional game options, depending on the features of the various game types.

  • Play a game

A Blooket game link and code will be displayed for participants to join after “Host Now” has been clicked. Each game can have up to 60 free participants and up to 1000 players with a Blooket Plus membership. You can also join using game ids for blooket.

  • Distribute homework

There are currently five Blooket games with the extra capability of “assign HW (homework)” when educators host them: Tower Defense, Café, Factory, Crazy Kingdom, and Tower of Doom. They have the option to change a few options, including the duration of the game ID’s validity. This gives students the opportunity to finish a game on their own time and attempt it numerous times before the game’s or the assignment’s due date. You can join blooket game by using blooket pin to join.

Practical Applications for Language Education 

If you already have Quizlet resources that you would like students to be able to use in Blooket code join as well, choosing “Quizlet Import ” for vocabulary quizzes is a tremendous time saver. The following three steps will walk users through copying and exporting a single set from their Quizlet account. The “Flip questions and answers” option is strongly advised when pasting content because it instantly makes any game more difficult to play.