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The 8X Hunting Game in Vietnam



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You have probably heard of the 8X hunting game in Vietnam, but do you know where the origins of the game are? In this article, you’ll find the history of this trò chơi săn mồi, as well as how it came about. Besides that, we’ll tell you what it’s used for and what the cost is.

Origins of hunting game in Vietnam

In early Vietnamese history, society was highly hierarchical. This society, which lasted until the mid-20th century, was ruled by feudal lords and chiefs who held power over one or more communities. They acted as religious, military, and civil leaders, and were often large landowners. There was also a king or “aristocrat” at the top of the hierarchy.

Cost of 8X scope

A top-notch 8X scope can give you a lot of advantages. Its price can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. This type of scope is ideal for long-range shooting, whether it’s for combat, law enforcement, or hunting. It has eight brightness settings and works with night vision devices.

It comes with illuminated and non-illuminated reticles. These two features are essential when hunting large game in Vietnam.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a 64-player multiplayer game in the Red Orchestra series. It features over 20 unique maps, 50 unique weapons, 4 flyable helicopters, and character customization. Players can also choose a skin, hairstyle, or tattoo for their character. There is also the option to play with friends in a squad.

The game takes place in Vietnam, and the maps are based on this country. The developers tried to recreate the surroundings the American soldiers would encounter during the war. For example, in one scenario, American troops invading a Vietcong position would come into contact with stilt houses.

Hiker Games’ 300475

A new shooter game from Vietnam has just launched a crowdfunding campaign. It is called 300475 and is developed by Hiker Games. The developer says that it will have a Vietnamese perspective. The game’s name sounds somewhat cryptic, but the developers say that the game is based on the history of the country.

The game was inspired by a historical event in April 1975. The game is expected to be completed in three years, and developers Hiker Games expect to employ 50 people and invest VND20 billion in development.