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Trampolines, 12-Foot Versus 14-Foot: Size, Safety, And Recommendations




Having three children in a family is fortunate, but it can also be chaotic! Children are very active. They enjoy rolling, jumping, and running, and it appears that nothing can stop them. You constantly worry that they will get hurt if they fall to the ground.


Trampolines will be of assistance! In your backyard, a large trampoline can provide your active children with hours of entertainment. Your kids will have a great time jumping without getting hurt thanks to the soft mat and enclosure. You can now indulge in a cup of coffee by freeing up your hand!


Two of our most popular sizes of round trampolines are the 12-foot trampoline and the 14 foot trampoline. A lot of customers want to know if these two sizes are big enough for them.


Naturally, different buyers require different things: Some people are only out shopping for their kids, while others may be extremely skilled jumpers.


It all depends on your preferences and requirements, but there are a few things that all buyers should keep in mind if they narrow their search to the 12-foot and 14-foot models.


Things To Think About:

  • Consider the spring count, weight, size, and surface area of your yard. 
  • The size of your yard for safety reasons, make sure your trampoline has enough room. 
  • Make sure to measure the area you want to use so you can get on board, move around, and avoid collisions.


How Much Space Is Required? 

If you have an enclosure, you can set up the trampoline in a smaller space if you need between 5 and 10 feet of space around it.

Keep In Mind That Spring Count 

The spring count has a number of major effects on trampolines: Bounce is one of them. More bounce comes from having more springs. If the person is heavier, longer springs also mean more bounce.

As a result, children between the ages of 12 and 16 often benefit from a 12-foot trampoline because it has fewer springs, resulting in a better bounce. We always recommend purchasing a 12-foot trampoline with an enclosure for extra safety.


The springs are discussed in detail in every product on Our most well-liked 14-Foot trampoline, for instance, has 96 double-tapered springs.

Weight, Size, And Surface Area 

Round trampolines with springs typically have a total diameter of 14 to 18 inches reduced, depending on the length of the springs. The mat’s diameter is subtracted from the two times the length of the springs, not the trampoline itself, to get the surface area.

What Is A 12-Foot Trampoline’s Size?

A trampoline’s surface area typically ranges from 86 to 93 square feet for a 12-foot model. It is large enough for everyone to enjoy, but it works best for two kinds of people: children and solo jumpers with a lot of experience. That may appear odd, but there is a reason for it.


The 12-foot trampoline is big enough for two kids to jump around and do flips on, but when you add more people, it gets too big. 14-foot trampolines might be better for adults who are heavier. Despite the fact that 12-foot versions have a weight limit of 250-350 pounds (113-159 kilograms), they may be better suited for solo runs due to their smaller surface area.


Twelve-foot trampolines are favored by experienced jumpers for this reason. They are large enough to practice advanced flips and other jumps while also fitting into small backyards.

What Is A 14-Foot Trampoline’s size?

A 14-foot trampoline has a surface area of 122 to 130 square feet and is an excellent option for adults as well.


A 14-foot trampoline typically has a weight limit of 350 to 475 lbs. 158 – 216 kg). Although 14-foot trampolines can accommodate two adults, still recommends jumping one at a time for safety reasons.


The 14-foot trampoline’s additional surface area might just be what you’re looking for if you’re serious about learning flips and tricks and really need the extra space.


In the end, your family’s requirements will determine which of these two sizes is best for family fun.

The Best Trampoline Size For Three Kids 

The best trampoline size for three kids depends a lot on their ages and weight. It also matters how many kids are jumping on the trampoline at once. Additionally, you should consider the trampoline games that your kids might play on it.


It is generally believed that a 14 foot trampoline in the middle size is the ideal size for three children. There is enough room for three kids to easily jump on a 14-foot trampoline. Never be overcrowded or underutilized. 


A 14-foot trampoline is the only option if you want more options for games like Burn Wars and Dead Man Rise. For families with children whose physical development is approaching that of youth, a 15-foot trampoline is also a better option.