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4 Benefits and Challenges of Hiring Nurses for Home



Hire Nurses For Home


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), approximately 3.5 million nurses work as home care and personal care nurses in a variety of settings. But even then, it can be challenging to hire nurses for home on your own or with the help of a placement agency.

If you too are looking for a nurse to take care of your loved ones, here are some of the benefits and challenges you will face while hiring them. This will help you decide whether to hire a nurse and prepare you for the challenges ahead.

4 Challenges When Hiring Nurses for Home

Whether you’re hiring a nurse by yourself or taking help from a nurse hiring agency, knowing these challenges ahead of time will help you find a better solution. The following are some of the challenges of hiring a nurse for home care.

Challenge 1- Deciding Whether You Need Home Care

There are times when you can’t decide whether your loved one needs home care or not. And if they do need it, then you have to decide what kind of service you want from a home care nurse such as medical support, nursing support, or washing and sanitation assistance. It’s important to have a clear objective for hiring.


The best solution for this is you should consult your physician/doctor. If they are suggesting you hire home care then you should hire it, and if there is any other problem like budget or anything that prevent you to hire nurses for home care, you should tell the physician. Hopefully, they can guide you to the best solution for this. They can also help you to know what kind of service you should opt for.

Challenge 2- Finding the Right Nurse Hiring Agency to Get a Quality Nurse

There are many nurse hiring agencies available but it’s difficult to decide which one is a reliable option that provides professional and quality nurses for home care. A reliable nurse placement agency promises to deliver the best nurse to ensure effective home care for your loved ones. They hold the professional staff and ensure the good qualities of a nurse like empathy, professionalism, emotion, and well behaved.


The best solution for this is to hire a nurse by yourself. If you’re confident enough and ready to negotiate on the salary part, you can hire them.

Second, explore the best hiring agencies for home care, make a list, and see which one is delivering exactly what you need. You can also prepare a list of factors to evaluate and choose the best option.

Challenge 3-How Much to Pay to a Home Nurse?

Deciding how much you pay a nurse for services is also a challenge. Before hiring nurses for home, it’s important to decide how much you can pay a nurse otherwise it will unbalance your budget. Apart from the nurse, you also have to bear other expenses like medicines, diets, nutrition, etc.


The best thing, in this case, you can do is to prepare a budget. Prepare your budget according to the requirement and expenses like how much you have to spend on medicines, diets, and other related requirements for your loved one’s good health, and then you will be able to specify the amount you can pay to the nurse.

Another thing you can do is explore what is the industry rate for home care nurses. The average hourly pay for a Home Health Nurse in the US is $35.79 and it ranges from $22.84 to $50.72/per month.

There is always a chance of negotiation and if you’re hiring a nurse from a nurse hiring agency, then you don’t need to worry about the negotiation.

Challenge 4- Giving Instructions and Monitoring Nurse

The struggle is not limited to the hiring process only, it continues post-hiring as well. Once you have hired a nurse, you have to monitor the nurse’s activity to ensure they are giving their full effort and support to your loved ones. It is important to monitor them especially when you’re not at home.


To monitor the nurse’s activity, you can practice different things.

  • One person always stays at home.
  • Set up a CCTV camera in your home, especially in your loved one’s room.
  • Be sure that you’re hiring a reliable nurse.
  • When you hire nurses for a home, let them know clearly about the responsibilities and duties.
  • Ask your nurse if they want to discuss something regarding anything and solve their queries or problem if they have any.

4 Benefits of Having Home Care At Home

Here are the following benefits of home care at home.

1.   You Loved One Can Feel Safe and Comfort

Your loved one’s safety and comfort is your ideal goal, and a professional home care assistant can help you with this. A home care nurse stays with the patient 24×7 or for a specified time, takes care of the medications, follows the diet to improve the patient’s good health, etc.

When you have a nurse for your loved one, you can also take relief because a professional always stay with your loved one.

2.   Avoid Visits to Hospital

A professional nurse hiring agency provides experienced nurses for home care. It means they are capable of performing small medications at home like changing medicine according to health improvement, monitor’s health improvement, periodical checkups, etc. A professional nurse can handle all these things and help you avoid multiple visits to the hospital that also create problems for a patient.

3.   Saves Money

Two days hospital fee can be equal to a monthly salary of a home care nurse. Therefore, your physician itself suggests you hire a nurse for home care if the patient needs professional care 24×7. A private nurse or home care nurse can save you a lot of costs compared to a hospital. Additionally, when you hire a nurse, you can also negotiate on the cost which is not possible with hospitals.

4.   Personalized Care

Hiring a home nurse also enables you to choose personalized care. You can choose the best nurse hiring agency and tell them your needs, and they will help you to find a nurse for personalized care.