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5 Tips to Boost Your Workout Motivation Now



5 Tips to Boost Your Workout Motivation Now

Regular physical activity is extremely beneficial for the way you look and feel. You lose extra weight, get fitter, feel more energetic and positive, sleep better and get more confident. However, engaging in physical activity is, as we are all aware, far from simple. You really need a strong will and lots of motivation to keep going, especially if you’ve just started working out and constantly feel the burn. But, there are also ways to replenish your motivation so that you make the most out of your time and reach your fitness goals effectively. True, motivation is different for everyone, but there are still some useful tips that you could try.

1. Get really specific with your goals

You’d obviously have one big goal in mind such as “lose that much weight” or “get fit like that” but more often than not, these will be your long-term goals.

Get really specific with your goalsThere’s nothing wrong with having them, but if you’re looking for a motivation booster, it’s rather important to set smaller goals as well, which will be more specific. For instance, you can say “I want to do 50 push-ups” or “I need to have three workout sessions this week”. These short-term goals are very important for keeping you energetic about the workouts as consistent small successes are a great way to boost motivation.

2. Follow the success stories

Other people’s success and motivation can easily rub off and motivate you as well! In that respect, you can freely follow success stories on Instagram and other social media as well as check out the posts of fitness enthusiasts and trainers who offer their personal advice for people who are just starting out. There are many people in this group and you can choose a couple that you find engaging and interesting to watch. When someone shares their honest success, happiness, energy, and motivation, it truly resonates with others who might feel the same way.

3. Keep track of your training process and transformation

Don’t hesitate to take pictures of yourself every step of the way. Sometimes, you can’t see the change and the progress all that well when you only have yourself to look at in the mirror.

Keep track of your training process and transformationBut, if you have pictures from the first day for comparison, you’ll be able to keep track of the change you’re making for your health, happiness, and confidence. Not to mention that you should never rely on the number you see on a scale as that’s not the best indicator of your progress. And it can easily demotivate you due to thinking that it’s all in vain. This is why images won’t lie. Also, you can use a piece of clothing as a reference. If you keep at regular exercising, the way that item fits will gradually change as well.

4. Mix and match different exercises

You have probably heard this, but in order for a fitness routine to be truly effective, you need to mix cardio with weight training. That said, you can create interesting training plans that can easily change and adjust. This is very important if you want your sessions to be fun and engaging. For instance, one week you can utilize the fat-burning exercise bikes and the other you can jog. One week you can test out the weights and kettlebells and the other you can try resistance exercises. It’s all about creating a balance and adding something new to your schedule every once in a while. This will make a world of difference for your muscles, but your motivation levels as well.

5. It’s important to treat yourself

Treats come in many shapes and forms and are rather individual. And it’s essential that you treat yourself every once in a while. This doesn’t mean that you should eat a slice of pizza or a chocolate bar after every training session. It does mean that you should indulge yourself with a favorite meal/drink once a week.

It’s important to treat yourselfAnd who knows – your treatment may not even be about food and beverages; in the end, you may treat yourself with a visit to a spa or beauty salon, a new item of clothing or makeup, a weekend getaway, etc. After all, self-care and self-love are paramount in keeping you motivated for the continuous workout journey.

You can lose your motivation by constantly comparing yourself and your progress to other people. Don’t do that to yourself and remember – everyone is different and has a different metabolism. The way certain sets of exercises and diet affect one person doesn’t mean that they’ll do the same for someone else. In that respect, focus on yourself and your body. Success stories are there to inspire and motivate you; not to make you jealous and desperate.

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in social media and latest business technologies. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.