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7 Keys to Developing a Creative Brain



7 Keys to Developing a Creative Brain

Developing a creative brain is not something that only some people can do, but we are all capable of developing optimal creative ability if we work on it. In this post, you will learn the keys that develop a creative brain.

Creativity is not the talent of a lucky few. We are all creative and have immense creative potential that we can develop in different fields. Don’t think that only songwriters, painters, artists, writers or designers are creative.

Creativity is the ability we have to create, to invent ideas, to find solutions to problems, to imagine any possible scenario always challenging the logic of the mental models that have been established since we were born. Models that our brain uses for survival. For your brain, survival is the most important thing. That is why we generate these automatic models always looking for that end.

When we want to be more creative and make changes in our lives, we always have that resistance to change first. The education we have received since childhood has always been very logical and that kills creativity.

Why Being Creative is Interesting for LifeDEVELOPING A CREATIVE BRAIN

Thanks to creativity we can all find solutions to problems, make better decisions, innovate in our day to day or even find a way to achieve our purposes.

Creativity also allows us to leave our comfort zone and conformity to activate to change the routine. It is important that we develop our creativity to also improve our quality of life. Since, without a doubt, creativity is one of the most important and useful capabilities of the human being.

If we do not live creatively, we will not get to give good solutions to the problems of our society. And it is that creativity must not only be present in the professional field but is also useful for the personal. In this area, we can be creative when making plans with friends, making breakfast, getting dressed, etc. Small daily steps are how we are promoting creativity.

Keys to Enhance Creative Thinking

1. Leave the comfort zoneDEVELOPING A CREATIVE BRAIN

Starting to change those little routines we have every day is essential to develop a creative brain. For example, return home in another way, change your place at the table when you eat, etc. Small routine changes with which we will be creating new neural networks that will help us think differently. To create you learn, therefore, simply by generating new habits every day we will be learning to be more creative.

2. Be more positive

Your brain is more creative when you are more positive. We use imagination very little and unfortunately, when we do, we end up creating scenarios of fear, danger, uncertainty, etc. If we do not enhance that creative positive imagination we will be creating an always negative scenario. When you are negative you are not able to develop good solutions to a problem or find alternatives to do certain things, so the best thing you can do is think positive.

3. Disconnect more

One of the places where we come up with the best ideas is in the shower. And it is that different scientific studies guarantee that the best ideas we have can occur in the shower for a simple reason because it is one of the few places where we can not take the mobile. Yes, if we stop being so connected to technology and start connecting more with ourselves, we are very likely to have great ideas, and not only that, but we will also find better solutions to a problem we have.

4. Flow status

When you do something that really motivates you and you love it, you can lose track of time, and not only that but also your mind becomes more creative. You are so immersed in that task that everything flows in an extraordinary way.

5. Sleep well

Studies from the University of California have concluded that the dream, that is, the correct rest, makes people 60% more creative and allows the imagination to develop better.

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6. Meditation

Meditating and training the mental focus we become more creative. This happens because many of the good ideas for solving problems appear when we are relaxed when we have not yet connected to that critical analytical brain we have. It is the moment in which we take time to medicate when more “eureka” can be produced.

7. Be more children

Let’s stop judging ourselves, let’s do a constant brainstorming. Have you noticed that most children say what goes through their heads? That is one of the keys to creativity, a lot of ideas work or not. Allow yourself to create what you want without a filter, take out the ideas that come up, then you will have time to see if they serve you or not.

The Two Hemispheres of Our Brain

Our brain is made up of two hemispheres: the left and the right hemisphere. Our right hemisphere, for example, is stimulated with action. This hemisphere is the emotional one, the creative one, it is the one that gives us a holistic vision, a global vision of things. When we were little, the predominant hemisphere was the right hemisphere. This was so because in our childhood we played and that brings emotion. For that reason, when we start playing now, the right hemisphere is immediately stimulated.

The left hemisphere is the rational, the most logical, the one we use to think. They have always taught us to work, to study from the left hemisphere. But more and more we are realizing that the key to success is in the right hemisphere because it connects us with ourselves and with others through emotions.

As for the deductive and imaginative capacity, it should be mentioned that the left hemisphere, for example, will use the logical data learned to deduce consequences or plan solutions. The right hemisphere, however, will tend to get out of the known to imagine and invent new options. Creativity has much more freeway in the right hemisphere to innovate and evolve. That is why, this last hemisphere, has an evolutionary mission, to get us out of what we already know to create new options, to vitally stimulating us to develop new capacities, allow us to dream, etc. And it is that creativity opens borders.

System 1 operates quickly and automatically, with little or no effort and no sense of voluntary control. System 2 focuses attention on the endeavoured mental activities that demand it, including complex calculations. System 2 operations are often associated with the subjective experience of acting, choosing and concentrating. When we think of ourselves, we identify with System 2, with the conscious, rational self that has beliefs, makes choices and decides what to think and what to do.

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