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8 Strategies to Fight Sleep Fatigue for Great Mornings



8 Strategies to Fight Sleep Fatigue for Great Mornings

Do you at times experience sleep fatigue? Having this feeling in the morning just crashes your mood and messes up your entire day. Despite being a student or an adult nothing is better than a no fatigue morning. A lot of people experience this when waking up is so hard. Interestingly, this sluggish feel can be experienced after a well-rested night of adequate sleep. The common habit of most people is having a cup of coffee as a solution to perk up on this sleep fatigued days. That, of course, does not work as much, it’s just a mindset game that it does. Following these aged solutions will not improve this challenge but trying out better ways and tricks will. Here are some strategies to fight sleep fatigue and have an energy-filled morning to a productive day.

Have breakfast

As the most important meal of the day. It is important to break your fast from not eating through the night with this essential meal to spark off your energy. Most people skip this meal since they are running late to work or school and the effects follow through during their day. This will affect your attention span, strength, moods and productivity levels. Food is fuel. Therefore, choose a breakfast combination that will fight off sleep fatigue. By giving your body some calories to kick start the day. For instance, nuts, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins are a great combination to improve your energy levels.


No snoozing the alarm

This strategy is a great weakness for most people if not all. Yet, it has no benefits to hitting the snooze button.  This habit causes fragmented sleep since you are aroused from sleep having not had it to a satisfactory level. Hence, when you snooze you trigger this and feel fatigued due to the sleep disruption as the alarm rings for the second time. Improve your sleep fatigue by using the one-and-a-half-hour sleep cycle. Whereby you set two alarms one 90 minutes before wake up time. Another when you want to wake up.  This is to ensure the 90 minutes’ time span is a complete sleep cycle making you less fatigued.

Have a motivation

What is your motivation to get out of your sleep number bed? If you can answer this question you are in a better position to wake up energized with less or no sleep fatigue. The reason it helps is that motivation is a source of excitement that translates to great energy. The motivation can be in various aspects. Some find fulfillment in listening to music in the morning. Podcasts or morning shows on the radio. Yet, others preparing breakfast or an exciting activity for that day becomes a great source of motivation. Having something to look forward to is a perfect blend for your wake up routine that helps you fight sleep fatigue.


Start with a glass of water

When you are dehydrated, you are also fatigued. Wake up your internal organs with a glass of water. This will help boost your cognitive ability, moods, and feelings of sleepiness. This is refreshing and better than starting your day with a glass of caffeine. A glass of water is a great boost to shake off sleep fatigue. However, if you still experience it after this trip it is wise to form a habit of drinking more water during the day to get your body used.


Go outdoors and exercise

Taking a nature walk and exposure to sunlight boosts daytime energy and improves sleep. By creating time in the morning to be outdoors before your day starts is instant sleep fatigue shake off. This helps activate your brain and restart your energy levels. Optionally you can open the curtains to allow sunlight to get in as you prepare. Exercise does not sound as a motivation when you are sleep fatigued but trying getting some cardio in will boost up your energy levels. Fight of sleep fatigue with this exercise pro tip and enjoy the amazing benefits. It can be doing jumping jacks or going for a bicycle ride.


Identify stress-related issues

Have you been stressed? Identifying any stress issues is a great start to solving your sleep fatigue issues. This is important for stress makes you have poor quality and quantity sleep. Also, it can lead to anxiety and depression that make your mornings a nightmare and full of fatigue.  Having a positive mindset of specific situations at hand will help you get to the steps of solving them. This will improve the quality of sleep. Plus, when experiencing this doing meditation, yoga and having a regular sleep routine will help calm you as your day begins.


Control your coffee consumption

Coffee has its plus and minuses when it comes to our health. Hence, it is wise to control its consumption for too much of it, most times cause you to feel fatigued. This feeling is experienced in the morning after having several caffeinated drinks the previous day. To feel less tired try having minimal amounts of caffeine from your morning cup and experience the difference. For those addicted to coffee try using a smaller cup to take your coffee and hide the larger ones to slowly minimize your consumption in a day.


Practice sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene is in many concepts. Such as having a consistent sleep routine. Having a good sleep environment as well as having good practices for quality sleep. Some like turning off any screens an hour before bed is essential to be followed since they have adverse effects. Maintain your sleep cycle helps you fight sleep fatigue. This is through helping your biological clock have no disruptions and allow your body to function normally. This is an important tip to fight off sleep fatigue despite the type of life you lead. It just requires discipline and making sleep a priority in your life. Use this tip and experience how your mornings will be the best time of your day.

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