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All the critical information about the nutrition facts of lean beef



All the critical information about the nutrition facts of lean beef

Beef or meat from cattle is categorized as red meat, which means there is more iron content than the chicken or fish. There are health hazards associated with the consumption of red meat since they are high in fat, lipids and cholesterol content.

However, health warnings notwithstanding, it is not easy to let go of some of the choicest and delicious preparations of beef items like the roasts, ribs, and steaks. Minced or 96 lean ground beef is also used for the preparation of hamburgers and patties. There are processed products as well, including the corned, jerky and sausage.

There are several nutritional qualities when you go for lean beef, and they include vitamins and minerals. Iron and zinc, are the two most essential minerals which are found abundantly in lean beef. The following section will list all the nutritional facts about lean, grounded beef, so do give a read.

The nutrition facts

With beef, you get high amounts of protein and varying amounts of fat. But with lean beef, you are essentially trimming down the fat content. This decreases the fat and lipid content for beef, which is essential for the health conscious individuals. The nutritional facts according to FDA for every 100-gram serving of grounded lean beef are as follows,

  • The calorie content is 217 cal.
  • Water content is around 61%.
  • The protein content is 26%.
  • Fat content is less than or equal to 10%
  • Carbohydrate content is 0 grams.
  • Fiber content is 0 grams.

Beef is primarily composed of protein and varying amounts of fat.

About the protein

Proteins are the primary component of lean, grounded beef making up for the significant portion of the nutritional value. The protein content in lean and cooked beef is around 27%. Beef being the animal protein has all the nine essential amino acids that are required for the building up of body mass and strength.

Proteins and amino acids are the building blocks for the body and are incredibly essential when you have to work hard physically. Go for grounded lean beef when you are recovering from any surgery. Combine diet with strength building exercises to maintain and build mass.

About the fat

Beef contains a high amount of fat. But, with the lean cut option, as the name suggests, around 80% of the fat is trimmed. Fat increases the flavor as well as the calorie content for the meat. However, lipids are required in low amount, and with lean, grounded beef, you can supply your body with oleic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid.

About vitamins and minerals

The following vitamins and minerals are found in grounded lean beef.

  • Vitamin B12 for blood formation and nervous system development.
  • Zinc for body growth and maintenance.
  • Selenium for several essential functions within the body.
  • Niacin or B6 for lowering of heart ailments.
  • Phosphorous for essential body growth and maintenance.

That concludes the nutritional summary for lean and grounded beef. Make your choice wisely based on all the information you have.