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An image-guided biopsy – 2023



An image-guided biopsy is an extremely effective diagnosis tool. Because it’s impossible to determine the cause of the presence of a lump from images, it’s helpful to take an image-guided biopsy of the site. It could be a clinical option recommended by your doctor or it could be recommended by a radiologist when you report the initial scan.


The suggestion of a biopsy shouldn’t be a cause for concern and often serves as a safeguard to allow for a more accurate understanding of the results.

A biopsy is done to take out cells from the area or lesion of concern. The cells are later sent to be examined under a microscope of a pathologist to get an answer that is more specific.

At Synergy Radiology, our highly-trained radiologists are able to perform biopsy of various lesion types under Ultrasound guidance and CT. A biopsy procedure for breast Thyroid, Lung Kidney, Liver and various other tumors can be carried out.

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The use of the image guidance will ensure it is in the right position and the cells sample being takenis taken inside the lesion.

Preparing for a Biopsy

Bring the recommendation (letter from your physician) as well as your Medicare or Pension Health care card with you to your appointment. It is crucial to bring any previous reports and images related to the area being examined i.e films and any previous Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) and biopsy results.

In the majority of biopsy procedures no preparation is needed. However when the biopsy is involving an area, such as your liver, then we could ask you to stop taking the medication that thins blood ahead of the surgery. It is also possible to know the latest blood tests results.

Following the biopsy, you will be instructed to stay away from the medication that reduces blood flow, like aspirin.


The results are typically accessible within 2 – 3 days following the biopsy. The results they will be sent straight from the lab for pathology directly to your physician. Synergy Radiology highly recommends that you discuss your biopsy results with your physician.


What is the reason I require a biopsy?

It’s sometimes difficult to determine the exact cause of a mass or lump identified by your doctor or scans of medical imaging without performing an image-guided biopsy of the affected area.

When will my test results be available?

The results are typically within 2 to 3 days of the biopsy. The results will be delivered direct from the laboratory for pathology directly to your physician. We strongly recommend that you discuss your results of your biopsy with your doctor.

Do you have any restrictions following the procedure?

It is based on the area being examined. Our team will provide you with specific instructions regarding post-biopsy treatment.

What should I do if I’m suffering from bleeding tendencies?

Based on the location of the biopsy, we might require you to stop taking bleeding-thinning medications before the procedure and provide us with the most recent results of a blood test.

Check with your doctor for a an inventory of your medications prior to the time of the time you have your scan.

What are the risks of getting a virus?

If you are suffering from an area-specific wound or an infection that is systemic the procedure of a biopsy could increase the chance of spreading the infection to the region. It is important to inform your doctor about any infections on your skin or boils or any rashes within your body.

Does the doctor who is performing my biopsy let me know what’s going on?

The results from your pathology test will generally be available within 2 to 3 days after the biopsy and they will be sent directly from the lab for pathology to your physician. We strongly recommend that you discuss your results from your biopsy with your doctor.

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