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Another COVID Plague: Big Surprise Medical Bills For Survivors



Another COVID Plague: Big Surprise Medical Bills For Survivors

With the rise in the novel coronavirus cases today, many people here in the USA need help with Paying COVID-19 Medical Bills. Coronavirus does not just cause medical stress but also creates a lot of financial burdens. It is not surprising that many families are not able to cope with the enormous medical bills they face for the treatment in the wake of this virus.

Choosing the right healthcare providers is not negotiable because it has an impact on the treatment and outcome. Then there is the length of stay in a hospital, rates of readmissions, isolation ward charges, ventilators, and costly medications. All these add up to the medical cost. On top of that, medical errors tend to create a financial hazard.

Payments towards the hospital systems and other fees are a maze. The new disease makes it impossible to compare the treatment options. Many of these changes have caused an adverse financial impact on COVID patients who have got successful treatment and survived.

The COVID plague is dangerous, but the surprise medical bills for those who survived have put them in financial debt. And this is where there comes the need for medical claim specialists like ClaimMedic who take care to lower your medical bills and get you out of some financial stress.


Medical Claim Specialists Who Are They

Are you struggling with paying your huge COVID 19 hospital bills? The skilled medical claim specialists come into the picture. They use their knowledge in the medical field and dig deep to find errors in the medical bills. They then apply the medical laws to reduce your bill. With their expertise, they can give you results faster and save you from financial stress.

The specialist does not work for free. Your insurance company does not cover them. So while you may choose to do the entire negotiation of your medical bills yourself, a knowledgeable and professional specialist brings in the expertise and calmness needed to tackle these situations.


Making the Deal

Treatment for COVID 19 is still in the hit and trial phase with no known medication that can sure treat the condition. It can mug you of thousands of dollars. Then there are the flaws of the insurance companies. All these messes get handled when you choose the right medical claim specialist.

The specialist sits with you and figures out all the charges that the medical bill includes. The hospitals could also be hiding the prices because they charge a different rate to each consumer.

Finding the right claim specialist is crucial because they track down what falls in the cracks. They look for any errors and then negotiate with the billing manager to bring down the charges.


What Does The Medical Claim Specialist Do For You?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your COVID-19 bills? Are you finding it hard to understand what the bill includes? The medical claim specialist is someone whom you should hire without a second thought. They will analyze the charges for you and spot any overcharges, errors, or duplicate charges on your bill. They will dig in to find any unreasonable cost and even look for any fraud. If a part of the bill had to be paid by your health insurance company, then the medical claim specialist will look into that as well. He will work with you to fix the inappropriate charges and talk with the insurance company in case of any denials. He will also speak to the hospital and doctors to decrease the amount that you owe to them.


When Should You Hire The Medical Claim Specialist?

If you experience any of the following, then do not delay in hiring a medical claim specialist.

  • You are not sure about the medical bills. The explanation that you have been given is confusing.
  • The health insurance company refuses to pay all or part of the bill without any valid reason.
  • The hospital’s billing department and the insurance company are blaming each other for the escalated bill with you stuck in between.
  • You are charged a huge bill that is way beyond your financial citation to pay them. You thus are considering bankruptcy.
  • You are not a good negotiator.
  • You do not have the health condition to deal with the paperwork required to manage your bills.

Hiring an expert medical claim specialist like ClaimMedic eliminates this hassle from you. All you need to do is provide the details asked by the claim specialist and wait for them to negotiate and bring down your bill. However, take care to understand that you will have to provide a satisfactory explanation, access to your medical records, and the steps you have taken to resolve the issue. This will ensure a smoother negotiation for settlement at a lower amount.