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Ayurvedic Tips for Easing Irritable Bowel Syndrome



Ayurvedic Tips for Easing Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Many people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, also known as IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome is not harmful to life but is a very uncomfortable condition to have, which may lead you to have colon problems in the future. Ayurveda is known to be one of the most tried and tested methods of treating irritable bowel syndrome. IBS can begin at any age but often starts in adolescence or early adulthood. It’s more common for women than men. Women might suffer from irritable bowel syndrome during their periods.  IBS is also commonly, and the aftermath of a sedentary lifestyle and stress further aggravates the problem. Common signs of irritable bowel’s syndrome are bloating of the body, cramps in the stomach, gas and people also feel the need to visit the toilet often.

Ayurvedic names of Irritable bowel’s syndrome and Symptoms

IBS can is referred by names such as Amlapitta, Grhani and Anah. Ayurvedic treatments, cure the disease of its root cause. Irritable bowel’s syndrome makes the mind irritated and decreases energy levels, work efficiency, etc. What happens is, the food that we consume remains in the stomach until it is completely digested, and it then passes on to the colon for the absorption of nutrients and then comes the process of excretion. If your digestive fire is weak, then it is not absorbed properly. After eating the intestine is forced to contract, which causes severe cramps or spasms. Diarrhea can be caused by bowel hypermotility. Usual bowel constrictions may decrease in intensity or weaken, resulting in constipation.

According to Ayurveda, proper digestive fire is essential in the human constitution. Nature, colour, energy, fitness, nutritional status, skin colour and immunity are responsible for this bio-fire. Ultimately, the disappearance of bio fire leads to death. Thus the digestive fire is very important for humans to be able to live. It is, therefore, necessary to protect digestive fire with proper food and drinks. These symptoms range from mild to severe. On a larger scale, people have mild symptoms.  Symptoms of IBS include abdominal pain or discomfort for at least 12 weeks; the pain doesn’t have to be consecutively for 12 weeks. Feeling the uncontrollable urge to have a bowel movement. The pain and other symptoms often occur after a meal, are passing as they come and go, are reduced or go away after a bowel movement. People who suffer from diarrhea have to visit the toilet frequently, and their stool is not solid. They may often have an urgent need to have a bowel movement, which might be difficult to control. Those who have constipation will have difficulty passing stool, as well as less frequent bowel movements.

Irritable bowel’s syndrome treatment in Ayurveda

  • The first stage in IBS treatment is the elimination of toxins from the stomach and the enhancement of digestive gas.
  • Ayurvedic medicine must be chosen according to the rationality of the particular doshas concerned.
  • Then the next treatment is to try and increase the competence of immunity. Then steps are taken to treat diarrhea, constipation, cramping and bloating of stomach with herbal medicines.
  • Ayurvedic therapies include healing of stress, relaxation from anxiety. Steps should also be taken for long-term benefits with a change of diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Foods to avoid if you have Irritable bowel’s syndrome

  • Insoluble fibre – Insoluble fibre improves the diet with a balanced weight. Fibre is found in whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Although fibre sensitivity is different for different people, some people with irritable bowel syndrome can experience insoluble fibre causing or worsening diarrhea. Focus more on soluble fibre. Soluble fibre foods include grains, such as vegetables from oatmeal and barley root, such as fruits from carrots and parsnips, such as bananas, mangoes, oranges, and legumes from grapefruit, such as peas.
  • Gluten – Gluten is a type of protein that certain people may be allergic to. The illness is referred to as a celiac disease. It can cause symptoms like those of diarrhea, the predominant irritable bowel syndrome. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that some individuals have as a reaction to the ingestion of gluten. It can make changes in the intestinal cells which lead to poor nutrient absorption. Most individuals with irritable bowel syndrome are intolerant to gluten as well. It will be dependent on the patient to find out how gluten affects IBS. The great news is that nowadays there are more gluten-free products in the market. If you can’t live without pizza, pasta, cakes or cookies, gluten-free options can always be used to replace them.
  • Dairy – Dairy is troublesome for two reasons. First, it contains fat, which can cause diarrhea. To reduce symptoms, you may need to switch to low-fat or non-fat dairy. Second, there are many people with irritable bowel syndrome who are intolerant to lactose. You may want to consider dairy substitutes such as rice milk and soy cheese if you are lactose intolerant and have irritable bowel syndrome. Try asking your doctor if you need a calcium supplement if you need to cut out the dairy ultimately to make your life more comfortable.
  • Nicotine – Consumption of tobacco from cigarettes, chewing pan masala with tobacco is a constant source of irritation.
  • Alcohol – excessive consumption of alcohol on a regular basis causes irritable bowel syndrome. Consumption of alcohol with caffeine and consuming a heavy meat diet on a daily basis also leads to irritable bowel syndrome.

Benefits of weed seed tea for Irritable bowel’s syndrome

Weed seed tea helps to relieve pain, and evidence supports the successful experience of patients with Cannabidiol. In the central nervous system of the body, the active compounds within marijuana are found to bind to receptors where they can effectively block the pain from the hurting area. It indicates the benefits of weed seed tea when properly consumed. As a pain-killing drug, the benefits of weed seed tea can be particularly useful. This is because its consumption approach allows more lasting effects compared to smoking or vaping, in which case the results are only short-lived.