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Boost your productivity with the right morning routine



morning routine

It is quite normal not to feel your best the minute you open your eyes. However, if you haven’t been feeling inspirational throughout the day, if you have been lacking productivity and just feeling slow and apprehensive, you can undoubtedly blame it on the morning routine. Believe it or not, the way you commence the day can either make or break your mood for the rest of the day. And not only the mood, but also productivity which is extremely crucial if you have an abundance of hard workload. Mornings represent a fresh opportunity to take on whatever the day has installed for you. The key is to start with an energizing morning routine that will positively influence your attitude and performance throughout the day. And here is what you have to do.


  • Wake up earlier than usual

Many people reckon that early morning is the most productive time of the day. It might be tough and counterintuitive to wake up earlier then you used to, but getting up early will leave you with an abundance of spaciousness. Just try waking up 15 minutes earlier, and then instead of rushing through your shower, dedicate extra time solely to yourself. Not only that but by waking up earlier than usual you will have enough time to plan out all necessary items for the rest of the day and still have plenty of free time to the things you enjoy. Stretch, relax, drink coffee, and simply unwind.


  • Drink warm lemon water

The first thing you get out of bed, head out to the kitchen, squeeze a fresh lemon and pour warm water. Drinking lemon water helps the liver flush out the toxins, plus you will get recharged with essential boosting vitamins right in the morning. Plus, numerous research has proven that drinking warm lemon water the minute you wake up can boost up your energy levels physically and mentally. Furthermore, drinking warm water keeps the digestive system on the track, improves bowel movements, and even sheds excess pounds. SO, if you strive to get the most out of this fantastic morning ritual that would skyrocket your productivity only make sure that you drink it on an empty stomach to ensure full absorption.


  • Get physically active

Doing some form of exercise in the morning has innumerable benefits. Firstly, it will enhance your heart rate, improve your digestion, make you more alert, focused, fit and happier. What more can a person ask for? If you do mindful yoga, go brisk walking, pilates or just go cycling around the neighborhood early in the morning, you will have more energy and more engaging outlook to outlook, which are both vital to getting things done. You don’t need to do hard or excessive workouts if you are not a sporty type. Having the essential and quality gear is vital on the contrary. For cycling, all you need now is a trustworthy bike that you can order from companies like Bikes Online, and for yoga, you only need a good yoga mat, and you’re off.


  • Get organized the night before

Not only will staying up extra fifteen minutes save you loads of time in the morning, but when you organize yourself for the next day, get the bag ready, get the lunch packed, and so on, you can even sleep a little bit longer. Hence, you will have enough time to do other morning rituals that can enhance productive like read a book while drinking coffee, or do exercise. Even writing down the night before what you have to do the following morning can help you start your day strong and effective. Also, determine what you are going to wear for the next day, iron it the night before. Getting organized the night before will help your morning flow with ease. 


  • Eat a righteous breakfast

It’s wrong to eat anything you please no matter how delicious it may be. Breakfast being the most important meal of the day needs to be nutritious and healthy early in the morning so it would help you kick-start your day. A healthy breakfast gives you energy, boosts your productivity, improves your short-term memory, and it can help you stay focused for a longer period. For breakfast try to eat as much protein and healthy carbs as possible. Go for spinach, yogurt and banana smoothie, or unsalted peanut butter sandwich but spread on whole-grain bread, the list is endless.


  • Avoid multitasking

When you try to do two things at once, you end up forgetting about the third one which was more vital. Multitasking in the morning can easily set your whole day back and your brain will automatically lack the capacity to perform any of the set tasks. Once you determine your responsibilities and chores in the morning, try to diligently either delegate task to colleagues or leave something for later. If you are constantly bombarded with the workload you will have troubles filtering out the vital information. To be more productive, make a routine to complete one task at a time.


  • Meditate

Meditation controls anxiety reduces stress, promotes emotional health amongst numerous other benefits. It will undoubtedly elevate your body and mind entirely in the morning, plus the deep breathing exercise will improve your focus and lengthen your attention span. If you practice mindful meditation in the morning regularly, you will instantly improve your ability to sustain attention for longer periods, and you will learn how to stay calm and steady when things get tough at work. 


  • Practice technological detox

You need to relax before bedtime t have a good night sleep, but at the same time wake up without flashing screens of social media that can impede your concentration. To have a restful sleep and a more balanced and placid morning, you must turn off all the devices, including TV and the computer. Instead of grabbing your telephone in the morning, take time to be with yourself. Go outside for a stroll and breathe in the fresh morning air rather than scrolling the social media sites for the quick update.


You need to diligently determine what morning works best for you and stay determined and focused. Nourish and prioritize yourself before all other obligations and you will be on the right track of feeling productive and energetic.

Lena Hemsworth is a lifestyle blogger, foodie, and loves to lose herself in a good book. She's also an everlasting enthusiast who believes that there is nothing better than starting your day with a hot cup of coffee.