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COVID-19 and Mental Health: How Ryan Needle Provides Support in the Time of Pandemic



Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, abrupt changes have occurred in response to the threat brought by the pandemic. Mandatory social distancing can make people feel isolated and lonely and can increase stress and anxiety. And when stress and anxiety are triggered, so does the risk of a person committing suicide.

Emotional reactions may occur in mandatory isolation, and each individual may feel differently about it. Mixed emotions, including relief, fear, and worry about one’s health and the health of their loved ones. Sadness, anger, or frustration may also be experienced because of loved ones having fears of getting the disease. A sense of guilt might also be felt for not being able to deliver work results normally, and worrying about getting infected once the state reverts to its community’s rules pre-pandemic.

Due to the need for physical distancing set by the experts to combat the current widespread anomaly, a chunk of the world’s population is forced to stop working as per their company’s instruction. This has stirred up emotional distress to employees. Thus, issues of service access and continuity of treatment for people with mental health problems are now rising. Because of this, both the government and non-government organizations are geared to contributing to this cause.

Compassion Behavioral Health (CBH) is a non-government organization that features individualized care plans designed to focus on producing long-term, sustainable health, and recovery to its clients. This treatment center is composed of psychiatric and counseling experts. They are dedicated to developing strategies that help all clients achieve their highest physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual potential with the highest standard of client care and professionalism.

In 2014, Ryan Needle co-founded Compassion Behavioral Health (CBH) in 2014 with a mission to help and treat those suffering from Substance Abuse and Mental Health disorders. CBH is a top-rated treatment center located in South Florida that focuses on personalizing treatment entities specific to a client’s needs.  

Compassion Behavioral Health provides rehabilitation programs for addiction through group therapy and individual therapy. These therapies are geared to control addiction and prevent relapse. Group therapy is conducted with the supervision and guidance of well-trained therapists or group facilitators. Therapeutic goals are achieved through a 5-hour session per day. Their treatment philosophy of personalized and compassionate approach has contributed 76% reduction of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms, a 91% reduction of anxiety symptoms, and 90% reduction of depressive symptoms amongst clients completing their program.

Individual Therapy or Psychotherapy is also an option. This kind of therapy is a one-on-one collaborative experience with the therapist and client to produce change and improve quality of life. In a caring, safe, and confidential environment, the clinical team implements a variety of treatments to help individuals confront and challenge barriers that interfere with their physical and mental well-being.

CBH’s Mental Health Treatment Program utilizes many tools to achieve a high road to wellness: medication, counseling (therapy), social support, and education. Healing can take many forms: from learning relaxation skills to intensively reworking thinking patterns. To effectively treat mental disorders, a holistic approach is taken to empower a client and do their part in the treatment program.

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