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Dr. Danielle Archer Uses Her Experience To Transform The Lives Of Other People



Everyone goes through different struggles in life. People from different walks of life, regardless of age and status, are not safe from the possibility of a life-changing experience waiting to happen.

And in the event of discomfort, people need someone to lean on. Whether it may be a simple chat, a warm gesture like a hug, or an in-depth discussion on what they are going through, what is important is to make them feel that they are not alone and what they feel is valid.

More often than not, it is easier to understand people when you know how it is like to be in their position. Listening is one thing, but being able to connect, understand, and come up with a solution is another.

Dr. Danielle Archer is a multi-state licensed mental health therapist who is dedicated to helping people move on and make their way towards healing. At a young age, Danielle went through a lot of struggles and had to deal with loss, and this experience made her take therapy sessions.

Her journey towards healing made her realize what she wanted to do in life. And that is to help other people the same way she was helped. Since then, she has devoted herself to learning about the field by earning a bachelor’s, master’s, and a doctorate from different universities.

Danielle also spends her time taking courses for continuing studies, attending seminars and training, and educating herself through reading publications to better her specialization. She also sought the guidance of great therapists she worked with and mentored her in her earlier days.

As someone who has proven that mental health issues deserve to be talked about, Danielle established two counseling companies: Archer Counseling Services and The Artist Mind.

Archer Counselling Services caters to the general public, regardless of age, color, or gender. On the other hand, The Artist Mind focuses on helping people in the entertainment industry, particularly those in the music industry.

Aside from Dr. Danielle’s significant contributions to counseling and therapy, she also contributes her knowledge to several local publications, seminars, and training in Central Florida.

Dr. Danielle prides her methods when it comes to counseling, where she combines education, life experience, and learnings from her clients. Besides educating herself through books, Danielle gives great importance to the inputs of her clients. For her, the things she learns from them are things that are not in books. And that is what makes it more valuable.

She understands that every client has different needs, and every client has to be treated with the utmost attention and a specialized approach. As such, she considers every session with her client as a partnership. She believes that therapy is a two-way street where both the client and herself help each other towards getting to the solution. The views and perspectives of every client help Danielle understand them better. And for her, every session is a learning opportunity.

Dr. Danielle used her struggles to become a better person. And now, she is in a better position and is using her experience to save other people’s lives.

If you or someone you know needs an expert to listen and understand, you may connect with Dr. Danielle Archer for a free consultation here.

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