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Dr. Scott Schachter- Meet the Founder of Ocular Surface Academy



Dr. Scott Schachter- Meet the Founder of Ocular Surface Academy

Many people in the world today complain about ‘dry eyes’. But very few seek expert medical care. While it can seem like a simple, common problem with your eyes, dry eye or Ocular Surface Disease can be more complicated than it seems. But thanks to medical technology, there has been a lot of research and development in the field of Ocular Surface Disease, with many new diagnostics and treatments available. Optometrists like Dr. Scott Schachter are bringing a revolution in driving awareness of the increasing prevalence of this condition, in large part caused by increasing time spent staring at electronic devices such as smartphones. 

Dr. Schachter, O.D, is the founder of Ocular Surface Academy. A training establishment by definition, the academy engages in training optometrists and their key staff members. The day-long sessions provide doctors with practical knowledge and techniques to help them the screen, diagnose, and treat OSD. They will get hands-on experience with standard diagnostics and treatments, as well as the latest and greatest. The day starts and ends at a nearby winery, with the workshop at his private practice. After the workshop, everyone heads to the winery for a tour, wine tasting, and dinner under the stars.

Learn from someone who did it and lives it. Born in Santa Ana, California, Dr. Scott E. Schachter graduated with a professional degree from Southern California College of Optometry. Soon after his graduation, he started a private optometric practice. After more than a decade of generic optometric practice, he started focusing on Ocular Surface Disease in 2007. He began sharing his thoughts and views on the disease and related conditions at medical seminars. This was when he started his personal research on OSD and recorded many YouTube videos talking about the disease and its treatments. In 2013, Dr. Schachter published a paper on Demodex Blepharitis. For his lectures and valuable contribution to this medical subject, he was named as one of just eight US Global Ambassadors for the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society. The education will have a private practice slant. As someone who started a practice from scratch, Dr. Schachter understands the challenges of vision care plans, staffing, and patient flow.

In 2018, Dr. Schachter established the Ocular Surface Academy with the objective of spreading his research and providing other optometrists with the right knowledge and tools to cure their patients.

He has also started a Facebook Group called OSDocs which encourages conversations and dialogues among expert and aspiring doctors to share their experiences and discuss possibilities in OSD treatment.

The Ocular Surface Academy serves as a platform for optometrists to understand and learn how to simply integrate Ocular Surface Disease evaluations into their practice. Located in Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo, in the exotic Wine Country of California, the Academy combines wine tourism and medical training at the same time and place. The refreshing ambiance of the wine country encourages doctors by educating them in a fun and peaceful environment.

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