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Earlier Eating Reduces Cravings and Weight Gain



Weight Gain

New research is about earlier eating and how it is associated with several health benefits. At Brigham and Women’s Hospital, researchers come to the point that eating earlier is linked with weight control and many other health benefits.

Recent research conducted shows some different facts, such as:

  • Eating meal later in the day lead to more cravings 
  • Eating earlier helps in boosting overall health
  • Positive changes possible in fat storage 

This research also unveils a lot of other health-related problems. For example, people who eat later in the day may be hungrier throughout the day and also may experience low levels of serum leptin. It is a hormone that aids in body fat regulation. As compared to others, people with late eating may lower core body temperature. It also leads to burning only a few calories. Obesity is the real problem that you should prevent with a healthy diet plan. You can consult the best nutritionist via Healthwire

Some researchers also believe that late eating can also change the gene expression in adipose tissue. People may get fat which results in obesity. Every person should keep in mind that eating late can cause many health issues, specifically causing extra weight. 

Late Eating and Obesity 

Researchers also go through a study that shows a direct link between eating later and obesity. So, there is a high possibility that can lead to obesity issues which increases the risk of many potential health issues. 

Meal Timing and Body – How They are Associated

Studies also target the obesity and behavior of the people for results. These may include exercise or what people eat with how many calories. Meal timing and its influence on overall health was also the target of the recent research. 

Researchers also noticed the changes happening in the functioning of adipose tissue which might show some of its adverse effects. The study they conducted also considers other influential factors, such as physical activity, sleep, light exposure, nutrients, etc. 

There were two groups, one with an early breakfast and two scheduled meals of the day but the other one with a late combined breakfast and lunch. People who ate later in the day or breakfast were hungrier as compared to the people who had their breakfast on time and followed by their other day and night meals. 

There were some other changes as well such as fewer calories burned, low body temperature, and weight gain in people who eat later

Eating a healthy diet early can lead to fewer cravings and feeling fullness throughout the day. In the study, researchers observed that when you know that you will feel hungry in the evening, try to eat high-nutritional and low-calorie foods. They are high in fiber and can also make you feel full for longer.

What is the Best Way to Maintain Healthy Meal Timing?

The healthy timing of a meal depends on what works best for you. Yes, it is a fact that can help with your digestion process. Make sure that you have a healthy diet. It varies as one person can go with more than three meal portions throughout the day and someone else can easily control the craving and eat at the right time with low-calorie foods. 

You should make sure that you do avoid overeating. People with an intermittent fasting type of eating plan can be good for some people. People who prefer eating earlier may not experience any health issues regarding nutrition or weight gain but staying physically active and eating a low-calorie diet. 

People eating later in the day may experience cravings at night. But health experts believe that eating a balanced dinner that includes veggies, fruits, proteins, and fiber can help you to feel full for longer. 

People who do not have much time should go with mini-meals that can help throughout the day. Every three to four hours, you can have mini meals. But try to get proper nutrition as nutrient deficiency may develop health conditions or diseases.

The Bottom Line

Earlier eating and following a healthier program may lead to proper fitness. Make sure that you choose a balanced diet plan that includes all the essential nutrients to prevent obesity. Earlier eating is also linked with weight control and keeps your cravings satisfied.