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Five Things People Get Wrong About Anxiety And Depression



Five Things People Get Wrong About Anxiety And Depression

Depression and anxiety have become two very common words in the modern age. Moreover, most of the people think that it is quite easy to understand both these mental conditions. It is all about frequent mood swings, feeling sad all the time, and not able to find enough willpower to move out of the bed. 

But in this deep web of depression and anxiety, there are also many myths flowing among people. There are many incorrect assumptions associated with these types of mental illnesses. 

However, getting proper professional bipolar and depression treatment is crucial for the mental health and well-being of a person. While getting depression treatment, make sure to get in touch with a specialist in this domain. 

Here are the five main things that most people get wrong about anxiety and depression. 


  1.   It is Just Excessive Sadness

Many people think that depression is just a feeling of excessive and regular sadness in a person. Thus, they try to treat or overcome this feeling of sadness by eating their favorite food or by watching funny videos. But this is not the actual fact as both sadness and depression are different states of mind. 

Sadness is actually defined as a passing emotional state. On the other hand, depression is a chronic emotional condition that wraps and entrenches various emotional states together. Depression is highly persistent and adversely affects focus and interest level of a person in all kinds of activities particularly outdoor various activities.  


  1.   Getting Suicidal Thoughts

Another common myth about these mental issues is that every affected person gets suicidal thoughts. Though it is true that in most of the suicidal cases that have happened ever, people were suffering from depression. But not everyone thinks about doing suicide. Depression is not as simple as it seems rather it is categorized into many different categories. 

The different types of depression are psychotic depression, bipolar disorders, postnatal and antenatal depression, and a condition called dysthymia. All these states of depression generate different kinds of symptoms in the affected person. Thus, it really depends upon the type of depression the person is suffering from that leads to suicidal thoughts. 


  1.   Mostly Young People’s Problem 

It is a true and very sad fact that the younger generation of this age is highly affected by anxiety and depression. There are many reasons that lead to this state of mind such as excessive pressure of school and college studies. In fact, many students commit suicide due to the high degree of competition that they face in school, college, and various competitive exams. 

But the media has put an excess focus on the young people in this matter. In reality, depression mostly affects people between the age group of 25 to 45. However, after the age of 65, all the signs of anxiety and depression seem to fade away. Only a few old people face depression due to the feeling of isolation in their old age. 


  1.   Treatment can Change your Personality

It has become a very common thing to get medication and professional treatment to get rid of depression. But many people believe and fear that regular consumption of antidepressants can change their real personality. However, there is a substantial amount of truth in this belief as some people become incapable of feeling their emotions properly. 

But the better drugs such as SSRIs which stands for Selective Serotonin reuptake inhibitors do not completely recalibrate the personality of a person. A good medication always makes the affected person to behave in a normal way by making him capable to control his emotions in a much better way. So, it is important to get treatment with the best medicines under the observation of an experienced specialist or doctor. 


  1.   No Connection with Other Disorders

Many people also believe that depression is a stand-alone condition and it has got no link with other types of mental and physical disorder. Depression is closely related to chronic pain and any upsetting life events. 

There is even some physical condition that causes anxiety and depression such as endocrine disorders with reproductive systems. This condition really affects hormone levels and then ultimately cause mood swings. In addition, borderline personality is also responsible for a high level of anxiety. 



To treat depression and anxiety properly, it is very important to get rid of various myths associated with it. Only then the proper depression and bipolar treatment can be done in a proper manner. Make sure to do a complete detailed study on this matter to get to the root causes of this mental illness. 

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