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Guide To Dog Braces



Guide To Dog Braces

A dog ACL surgery can be invasive and expensive. That’s why most people are opting for alternative treatment plans. From dieting to physical therapy, exercise, supplements, and braces, there’s an endless list of treatment options to consider. Keep reading to discover more.

Alternative Treatment Options

If your dog has suffered a serious ACL tear, it’s advisable to consult with your vet to determine the most effective treatment option. In most cases, your doctor might recommend surgery. This will ensure that your dog recovers fully. However, due to advanced age or underlying health issues, your pet might not be a good candidate.

When surgery isn’t a good option, non-invasive treatment options may be utilized. Acupuncture, joint supplements, diet, physical therapy, pain medications, exercise changes, as well as stifle braces are other options that could heal your dog’s ACL injuries. Shop around for a high-quality dog knee brace that offers adequate support.

Different companies offer different products. Thus, be sure to find a brand that perfectly suits your dog’s needs. This will speed up their healing and help them stay comfortable during recovery.

Stifle Braces 

A stifle brace typically refers to a non-invasive treatment for dog ACL tears. In canines, the stifle joint serves the same purpose as the human knee. And it’s often stabilized by a network of ligaments. In case these ligaments get torn, the stifle joints automatically become unstable. This comes with severe pain, muscle degeneration, as well as, lameness.

Stifle braces are uniquely designed to immobilize the injured joint and promote stabilization. It also plays an important role in aiding quick recovery. Reducing the flexion and extension at the knee joint promotes the formation of a callus over the scar for quick healing. With the right braces, you can rest assured that your dog will fully recover within a few weeks.


Knee braces alleviate pain and inflammation. They can help your dog feel more comfortable after an ACL injury. They’re designed to balance the back and hips, to prevent further damage to your dog’s limbs and stifle joints.

It’s also imperative to note that a stifle brace prevents your pup from exerting undue pressure on the uninjured leg, hence reducing the risk of damage to that healthy leg. Most dog braces are non-rigid and easy to wear. They’re available in numerous sizes and designs. Plus, they’re waterproof and highly effective at treating ACL tears. Purchase a high-quality brace and keep your furry friend happy. Help them lead a comfortable, healthy, and meaningful life.

Other benefits include enhanced weight distribution, additional support, improved mobility, and, cost-effectiveness. Stifle braces can also help you avoid costly and invasive surgery.

The Bottom-Line

Has your dog suffered a CCL injury? Don’t panic! Today, countless treatment plans can relieve your pup’s pain and promote quick recovery. These include knee braces, surgery, dog acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, and dieting. The above article provides a deeper insight into dog braces and how they can treat your dog’s ACL tears.