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Hemp Oils and its benefits



Hemp Oils

Whenever those acnes pop up just before the big date night or the appraisal day cornering in the only thing left to do is to drag yourself up to the mirror and cry in the corner. And wish just like in fantasies if there were truly an elixir to beauty in real life as well. Well, too much of your surprise there actually is a specific seed oil that comes with some revolutionizing health benefits.

Oil which can clean up all your dermatological issues from tough acne and its marks to eczemas and even lichen planus. The potential health benefits of this oil not just end there. From fixing up those inflamed joints and arthritis to fighting off resistant bacterial strains and even dealing with menopausal cycles, the health benefits of this oil are unending. Thinking all that is said is a bluff? Well, actually the revolutionizing hemp seed oil does have all these and many more health benefits.


What is hemp oil?

Whenever the term hemp has come into play a number of synonyms from marijuana, to cannabis, to Cannabidiol or CBD and many others come into play. And it is the indiscriminate usage of all these terms anywhere and everywhere that downplays the originality and actual health benefits of hemp seed oil.

In simple terms, the hemp seed oil is an oil obtained from hemp seeds simply by cold pressing. Thus you get an unrefined dark to light greenish in colored oil with a strong nutty smell.

Going by the botany, cannabis Sativa is the botanical name of the hemp plant. There are multiple numbers of varieties of this plant species and hemp is one of them.

Now that you have understood what hemp seed oil is you should be particularly aware that CBD which is commonly sold in the market with an image of hemp on the container is not exactly as same as hemp seed oil. Here is how and why they are different.


Hemp seed oil Vs CBD: knowing the difference

CBD or Cannabidiol is basically a term denoting the component of cannabis that has some inevitable anti-inflammatory effects. Industrial CBD oil has higher levels of Cannabidiol and considerably lower levels of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

Hemp oil is a relative carrier oil that is mainly extracted by cold press method. This is more natural and has lots of antioxidants, omega 3 and omega 6 Fatty Acid. However, the CBD content is lower in percentage in hemp seed oil. Because of its less CBD content and nil THC content, the hemp seed oil is universally accepted as a superfood. And not just loaded with nutritional values this superfood on the skincare front as well as an innumerable number of benefits. From its bactericidal properties even against some of the resistant strains to its powerful moisturizing capabilities and skin softening abilities, that doesn’t clog the benefits of hemp oil and virgin hemp oil are endless.


Few of the major benefits of using hemp oil

As mentioned already there is plenty of great hemp extract oil out there having an abundance of health and skin benefits. So here’s a small glimpse into few of its major potential benefits.

  • For epilepsy

Seizures, especially in recalcitrant epilepsy, is a major health concern which has been reportedly seen to have to get reduced by the use of hemp oil. Retrospective studies have shown that around 52% of epilepsy patients have seen a reduction in the seizure frequency by 50% after the use of hemp seeds oil.


  • For anxiety

A study of the use of hemp seed oil with respect to placebo showed a significant reduction in anxiety and cognitive impairment. Studies have revealed that CBD as a chemical agent reduces the activity of the thinking center of your brain i.e. the limbic region. Thus reducing depression to a considerable extent.


  • For pain management

Although some studies show that the combined effect of CBD along with THC acts as the best anti-inflammatory pain reliever. There has been ample animal studies and evidence to show that tropical hemp oil has improved anti-inflammatory and analgesic markers.


  • For Alzheimer’s

Although it’s a potential field which needs extensive researches yet it has been shown in some studies that CBD has potential preventive effects on social recognition deficit in case of Alzheimer’s patients.


  • Anti addiction

Now coming this from a cannabis plant extract might sound weird but a review journal suggested that CBD from hemp oil has direct therapeutic effects on people with opioid, cocaine and psychostimulant addiction.


  • Happy heart health

Compared to placebo treatments, this oil rich in antioxidants has been shown to have prevented stress-related effects and changes in heart health and blood pressure.


  • For skin

Last but not least, the greatest effect of hemp oil is probably seen and studied for ages on the skin. This moderate oil is perfect for skin moisturizing agent and is suited for all skin types. It is extremely effective in hydrating and moderating the skin and as well as regulates clogging of pores to regulate oil production.

The presence of omega 6 Fatty Acid and gamma Linolenic acid is extremely effective anti-inflammatory agents. This helps in calming of various inflammations on skins like acne, psoriasis, even atrophic dermatitis, etc.

And also the presence of an abundant amount of Linolenic acid and oleic acid has a significant impact over wrinkles and spots, proving to be significantly anti-aging substance.

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