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How 10-minute Anulom Vilom Pranayama Benefits our body?



How 10-minute Anulom Vilom Pranayama Benefits our body?

It may seem like the most common term but all living beings breathe until they die. But only a few of us breathe mindfully. When our old and wise sages mentioned the benefits of breathing mindfully in yoga and meditation, some humans started to take that seriously and began doing anulom vilom pranayama. If you aren’t aware of the benefits of this type of breathing or essentially what anulom vilom pranayama is, you’ve arrived at the right place. You don’t have to take yoga courses in Nepal or go to a yoga retreat in Nepal to know the advantages of doing just ten minutes of anulom vilom. All you need to do is to find ten minutes a day and gently relax your body for this life-changing experience. Let’s get started on how awesome this breathing practice is.


Here are 5 amazing things that happen to your body when you practice Anulom Vilom just for 10 minutes.

  • Immense relaxation

It’s important to note that our breathing is connected to our energy levels which may get dampened every once in a while due to stress, pollution, aging, etc. Practicing anulom vilom even for ten minutes can reduce stress and revitalize the entire body so that you can stay fresh and fulfilled for long hours throughout the day. The art of inhaling from left nostril, holding the breath in your lungs and gently exhaling from the right nostril not only reboots the breathing and blood circulation, but it also serves as a servicing practice to your lungs to rewire their functioning. For all the active and passive smokers out there who find it hard to quit smoking, anulom vilom is the way to go if you want to begin from somewhere.

  • Improves concentration

It’s easy to listen to stories where Olympic meditators keep on meditating for hours. But what’s hard to grasp is the reality of actually meditating even for ten minutes. Worry no more as doing anulom vilom just for ten minutes in a day not only improves concentration after a while, it also provides preparation to your body if you really want to meditate every day. Do you remember that before starting any sport, you were asked to stretch and warm up your body? Doing anulom vilom is also like that. It gives the body a sense of practice so that meditating feels like a walk in the park and concentration levels are improved dramatically.

  • Amazing coping levels

If you haven’t experienced anxiety ever, you’re either lying or you don’t take your problems seriously. This is why anulom vilom pranayama is here for you so that you gently heal your body by focusing on the breath you intake. In just three months, a regular ten-minute practice of anulom vilom can reduce anxiety and you can easily work, play and sleep every day. Anxiety levels are tremendously reduced and you can be better equipped to handle any tense situation like a pro.

  • Skin glow like never before

You’re meant to shine like a diamond. But everyday work stress and air pollution can really impact that skin glow. Don’t worry as doing ten minutes of anulom vilom can rid all toxins from your blood so that it circulates in your body like god’s elixir so that you glow without ever touching beauty products. Go for it if you like to go cost-effective with beauty sustenance.

  • Balance doshas

Our bodies have three doshas—vatta, pitta, & kapha. Some of us get into lifestyle habits that impact the balance of these doshas inside our bodies which causes several problems later on. To balance these doshas, a ten-minute anulom vilom routine can be performed every day. Expect amazing results when you do that consistently as your appetite and energy find balance gradually. is an ideal platform for such yogic souls, who aspire to explore the heritage of Yoga in Nepal. The portal also offers information on various yogic topics related to Yoga in Nepal. With an aim to present the most authentic form of yogic knowledge to students, YTN has allied with Rishikul Yogshala, a Yoga giant, to organize various Yoga TTC events and retreat programs.