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How Cancer Gave Ali A Second Chance At Life



How Cancer Gave Ali A Second Chance At Life



This is Ali Banat.

This man was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was given no longer than seven months to live.

After diagnosis, he gave up most of his wealth to build schools and start a charity in Africa.

Today, he passed away.

“It’s worth more to me to see an African child smile than to own my Ferrari. After someone tells you that you don’t have much time in this life, this (money and cars) is the last thing I want to chase. When you have not gotten long to live, you realize that all this stuff does not benefit us. Your money won’t be there for you. The only thing that will be there is your charity.”

He started a charity called the MATW-Project.  You can find out more on his Facebook page.

Life is truly short.  Let’s spend it in the service of others.  When we start thinking about helping others then God/ The Universe automatically conspires for us.  Altruism, Compassion & Giving is the force that connects us all.

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