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How Does IVF Medication Make You Feel



In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a series of procedures that help with fertility issues and assist with the conception of a baby. How you feel during this treatment can vary from patient to patient. An IVF specialist can support and guide you throughout the process to help manage any uncertainties.
Here are common side effects that you may have with IVF medication:


Feeling exhausted during your IVF treatment could result from changes in hormone levels. Your medication might consist of fertility drugs that help stimulate ovaries and promote the release of mature eggs. These fertility drugs can alter your hormones, leaving you feeling tired.

You can also experience fatigue during embryo transfer. An expert can give you fertility medication that thickens the uterine lining. These drugs can increase your progesterone levels and lead to fatigue.

Here are ways to manage fatigue during this process:
•    Get sufficient sleep at night and take naps when necessary
•    Stay hydrated at all times
•    Ask for help with errands and chores.
Feeling tired can be temporary, so it shouldn’t worry you. This fatigue can be a good sign a couple of weeks after embryo transfer since you could be pregnant.


You might feel like vomiting after getting your IVF medication. Nausea can be common during the following stages:
•    Ovarian stimulation
•    Egg retrieval
•    Embryo transfer
When a professional administers estrogen and progesterone, you can experience nausea due to hormonal changes. To manage nausea, drink a lot of water and get plenty of rest. During this time, avoid fatty and spicy foods that can trigger nausea.

Enjoy some snacks after a couple of hours to avoid having an empty stomach. If you feel like throwing up, suck on ginger or peppermint lozenges to control nausea.

Hot Flashes

Some women can experience hot flashes during IVF injections. A hot flash can come with sudden warmth and sweating on your face, neck, and chest. This side effect can last for a few minutes and you can feel a chill afterward due to loss of body heat.

Hormonal changes in your body can cause hot flashes. You can manage night sweats with the following tips:
•    Avoid eating spicy foods
•    Limit caffeine
•    Wear loose clothing for easy perspiration
•    Reduce activities that require you to bend
•    Drink sufficient water
You can dress in layers and remove the clothing when you feel warm. Turn on your AC and open windows to keep cool.

Mild Soreness at the Injection Site

You might experience mild soreness at the injection site during stimulation and embryo transfer. You can use different injection sites to help manage this discomfort.
Try to relax when taking the injection to help reduce the pain afterward. You can ice the area to numb it before injecting it to help control the soreness. If you find that your thigh injections are more comfortable than your stomach, inject your thigh.

Abdominal Bloating

Bloating can be a common side effect of fertility treatment. You can feel bloated during stimulation, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer. This bloating can last for some hours or days. The root cause of bloating could be hormones, but the problem can go away after a short period.
You can manage bloating by:
•    Drinking lots of water
•    Avoiding alcohol and cigarettes
•    Avoiding coffee
•    Eating foods high in fiber
Eating lean proteins like fish can help control gastrointestinal changes like bloating. If you are experiencing pain, avoid taking ibuprofen since it can interfere with implantation.

Breast Tenderness

Your breasts can become tender after egg retrieval. During this IVF phase, you might be taking hormones preparing you for pregnancy. These hormones can cause breast tenderness like being on birth control.

Wearing loose bras and shirts can help you feel comfortable since they eliminate pressure on your breasts. If you feel sore, you can take the painkillers that a doctor prescribes. Breast tenderness or soreness could be a positive sign after embryo transfer.

Work With a Reliable IVF Specialist

The path to becoming a parent is personal. You can feel certain side effects, depending on your health and the fertility medication. Working with a reliable IVF specialist can simplify the process. You can ask questions and consult the expert if you have any issues.

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