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How Fitness Expert Stephen Campolo’s 12 Week Challenge is Helping Thousands of People Shed Pounds Fast



How Fitness Expert Stephen Campolo's 12 Week Challenge is Helping Thousands of People Shed Pounds Fast

Nobody knows weight loss better than someone who has undergone the difficult journey of being overweight to becoming shredded. Stephen Campolo is a weight loss expert who has done exactly that, from former fat kid to weight loss and fitness expert, Campolo knows what it’s like to struggle through the tough process of losing weight and overcoming limitations so he can live a healthier life with a fit and lean physique. 

Stephen Campolo struggled with his weight from childhood to early adulthood. In high school, he started to get more serious about his health and weight loss, even going as far as taking work in a Gold’s Gym. He started out as a cleaning boy, wiping down sweaty machines and cleaning bathrooms. The job was menial but he loved it because it put him in an atmosphere where he was surrounded by people who were serious about fitness. It was also here where he got to talk to professional trainers and bodybuilders who gave him the inspiration he needed to pursue his weight loss goals. 

Fast forward to college and graduation, after which he landed a corporate job that tied him to a desk from 9 to 5. The job made him miserable but he stayed for 2 years because he really didn’t know what else to do. Then his mom was diagnosed with cancer. He wanted to be closer to her so he accepted a more flexible job at a local country club, working as a fitness trainer for high profile clients like business moguls and celebrities. 

After his mother passed away at 52, just a year after diagnosis, Stephen realized that life was short. It was high time to do the things he really wanted to do. He wanted to do more in the field of health and fitness, and he wanted a deeper connection with each person that he worked with. His mother’s passing taught him the values of never giving up, and that the best way to overcome difficulties is to help others and he was determined to incorporate this in his fitness journey. 

He started sharing his thought, tips and other useful information on social media. He soon grew a loyal following that has ballooned to currently over 70k followers on Instagram alone. People began asking if he had a weight loss program that he could share with followers who wanted to lose weight and live healthier lives. This led to the creation of his first weight loss program.

12 Week Transformation Challenge 

With the success of his weight loss program, he was able to leave his training job and focus on his online fitness business full time, a business that allows him to connect with clients on a deeper level as he helps them reach their fitness goals. 

His next endeavour is a 12-week fitness transformation challenge that will help thousands shed pounds fast. He is also working with a Hollywood celebrity to create a new fitness program that will help millions of people once it’s released in the next few months. 

Stephen Campolo has been there and he has done the work needed to get out of a rut and take control of his own life. This is what sets his business apart from the others. He knows that losing weight is a tough road but he knows it can be done because he has tried his programs out on his own body. He has overcome his own setback and flaws to arrive at where he is at and all these experiences and tests allow him to deliver weight loss solutions that actually work.

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