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How Personal Care Is An Essential Part of the NDIS



NDIS Personal Care is a service that provides support to individuals to deal with their everyday tasks, which might sound ordinary or easy for anyone but are challenging for people with special needs.


Along with the services provided by EnableU, which include home services and physical and mental therapies. Personal care services play a major part in supporting patients needing extra care.

Understanding Personal Care at NDIS

Personal care services can include assistance or even supervision with daily routine tasks. For example, eating and the NDIS personal care providers can assist with drinking habits.

As well as personal hygiene supervision for needy patients, like proper maintenance of the hair and nails, with hygienic and healthy showering and toilet routines.


Plus, setting up appointments and meetings with doctors or other health-related supervisors.

Additionally, mobility and transferring aids for patients who suffer movement problems as if to get up from the bed or to reach the restroom. Through this practice of having assistance whenever needed, the patient’s dignity is also maintained along with caregiving and a protective environment at home.


Being at home with the caregivers can be a sense of acknowledgment and acceptance for an individual who needs special care. The NDIS caregivers also work in the domain of meal preparations specifically curated to deal with personalised requirements like low-cholesterol meals or meals that help boost the immune system.

How Personal Care Is Purposeful

The main purpose of personal care services is to help patients get through their day easily and without hassles. It also provides a sense of added security as supervision can prevent mishaps that might occur if a patient with special needs is left unattended.

Moreover, this service does not encourage the whole soul dependency of patients on their assistants or supervisors, but the actual purpose is to build independence and to help the patients regain their lost confidence. These services help boost the patient’s self-esteem and confidence. It is a way to provide a better lifestyle to the one in need. Plus, daily living can be less daunting for people with special needs.

Accessing Personal Care Via NDIS

Looking at the mentioned details, we can conclude that personal care is essential to the NDIS plan. If you need personal care support, you must consult with your carer or connect with a support coordinator. The NDIS authorities will closely look at your request before making a decision.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) strives to cater to its participants in every possible way by offering quality services Australia-wide.


EnableU provides personal care, allied health, intensive care, and disability support to NDIS participants with compassion and dedication.

NDIS Personal Care services provide a whole plan consisting of all the required resources, such as assistive technologies, core support, and specific activities for people who suffer from disabilities to live their lives with freedom, unlock new opportunities and accept their being. Contact them today and get a chance to experience personal care at its best!