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How Terrance Bonner Made His Own Path to Success



There are many ways for people to maintain their health, the most common ones being exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. However, there are other ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle that are typically overlooked, one of which being massage therapy.

Massage therapy is the practice of pressing, rubbing, and manipulating the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. It is often used to relieve pain, rehabilitate sports injuries, and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. And while anyone can perform minor massages, it will take a licensed masseuse or masseur to perform proper therapy. One can usually acquire a license from a Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor such as Terrance Bonner.

Terrance Bonner is a native of Columbus, Mississippi. He is known to be a very musical person among his peers, taking an interest in all kinds of genres. His hobbies include playing the piano, singing, and spending quality time with his family and traveling with them whenever he can. His passion goes beyond hobbies, as he is also passionate about learning. 

He holds dual licenses in Massage Therapy and Aesthetics and has a passion for providing the highest quality in Aesthetics and Massage Therapy. To improve the quality of his craft, Terrance has traveled around the world to take numerous classes and learn the many arts of massage. One of which is for the Chiang Mai, which is named after the city in Thailand. This type of massage includes traditional Thai massage, oil massage, foot massage, and herbal ball massage.

As an entrepreneur, Terrance opened his spa called “The Glam Station and Spa,” where he and his team provide massage therapy, hair, nails, and aesthetic services for therapeutic, healthy skin treatments and relaxation purposes.

Terrance is continuously expanding his knowledge to develop a more diverse approach in giving his massage and skincare clients a unique bodywork, esthetic, and educational experience. Not only is Terrance a Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Aesthetic, but he is also a Mississippi Approved Continued Education Provider for both the Massage Therapy and Cosmetology Boards, and an NCBTMB approved Provider and Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor.

Terrance is a celebrated therapist, having received several awards for five years. In 2015, he was voted “Among the Best Massage Therapist,” and in 2016, he received the vote for “Best Esthetician.” He was named “Among the Best Estheticians” in 2017 and once again received the award for “Best Esthetician” in 2018. He was once more named “Among the Best Estheticians” in 2019 while his spa was voted as the Best Spa of Mississippi by The Mississippi Magazine that same year. In 2020, the same magazine voted his spa two for two titles, “Best Spa Mississippi Magazine Weddings 2020” and M-List top 5 Best Spas in Mississippi. 

Whether he is working as a licensed massage therapist or an instructor, Terrance makes sure that he inspires his clients and students with his knowledge and practice. In his lessons, he uses his work ethic, faith, and drive as examples of what one can accomplish when they make their own path instead of following the trend. 

To know more, visit his website or Instagram page. 

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