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How To Choose Your Ostomy Supplies




Going through an ostomy can be overwhelming but after successful surgery, you’ll need to get some supplies to aid your healing process. 

If you’re considering purchasing some supplies, search out the best ostomy products near me online, and with the guidance of your doctor, your needs will be met. This article covers the types of ostomy supplies and how to choose them. 

What Are The Types of Ostomy Supplies?

It is important to know the available and necessary supplies you’ll need after your surgery. Here are some main supplies needed after ostomy surgery. 

1. Ostomy Bags

The type of bag you decide to purchase depends on the surgery carried out and also the various life activities you engage in. 

The ostomy bag is inserted to collect waste from the stoma and the two main types of ostomy bags are one-piece and two-piece which requires a wafer and a pouch. 

With a one-piece ostomy bag, the wafer is attached to the pouch permanently and this is good for those experiencing arthritis and bad eyesight. The two-piece separates the wafer from the pouch which allows you to replace the ostomy bag. 

2. Ostomy Bag Support 

You’ll need support in the form of a belt to help maintain the position of the skin barrier and ostomy bag. This is to avoid leakage and provide abdominal support and security. 

Also, ostomy support comes in handy for those who engage in sports or have a hernia. 

3. Stoma Paste

The paste comes in a tube containing a liquid which is applied to create a better seal between the stoma and the wafer. If you need to clean off the paste, use a soft cloth and warm water. 

4. Rings And Seals

To prevent ostomy leaks, rings and seals serve as a barrier between the stoma and the wafer (skin barrier). When applying the ring, make sure you do it on dry skin. 

5. Odor Control

When changing your ostomy bag, it emits an unpleasant odor. Odor control comes in tablets, drops, or bottles; they come in handy when there is a leakage or a problem with your appliance. 

The ostomy bag comes with an internal deodorant that kills the odor produced by bacteria. You can lubricate the ostomy bag with a deodorant after emptying its contents. 

How To Choose Your Ostomy Supplies 

Having known some supplies needed after an ostomy, here are things to keep in mind. 

  • Get a prescription from your doctor and also samples of supplies from the store, then try them out on a different part of your body. 
  • If you feel uncomfortable, consider changing the size, brand, or general supply. 
  • Get different brands of supplies, you can mix them up to achieve comfort. 
  • Communicate your choice of supplies to your doctor or medical personnel, they have good knowledge about these products, hence, are in the right position to help out. 
  • Make research about your supplies and how to go about using them. There are reputable sites for getting knowledge about ostomy. 
  • You can also join forums where patients of ostomy share their experiences, this aids your healing process. 
  • If you’re actively involved in sports or any strenuous activity, make sure you communicate with your doctor to get the required supplies.