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Hyperthyroidism: A Thyroid Disease About All You Need to Know




Many people will be aware of hyperthyroidism because they have experienced it in the past. But people who haven’t experienced hyperthyroidism usually don’t know about it and also don’t know how much trouble it may cause. If you don’t know about hyperthyroidism, then knowing about it in detail can be a worthy thing. Because advanced knowledge about this disease can help in overcoming it in a better way.

The thyroid gland, this gland is present in the neck, when it becomes overactive and produces excessive thyroid hormones, then this disease appears. According to the best thyroid doctor, several reasons can be the culprit behind hyperthyroidism.

But when we make a list of culprits behind this disease, Graves’ disease is at the top. Other reasons for hyperthyroidism are inflammation of the thyroid. This inflammation can occur due to several infections or some medications. Additionally, this inflammation of the thyroid can also affect females during pregnancy and it is quite common.

People who consume thyroid hormone in excessive amounts can also experience this health condition. In addition to taking too many thyroid hormones, noncancerous growth of the thyroid gland can also lead to hyperthyroidism.

Controlling hyperthyroidism symptoms, in the beginning, is a good idea. Because if patients with this disease don’t seek medical help from a thyroid doctor, then the symptoms of hyperthyroidism can get worsen. And a thyroid doctor will face many difficulties in terminating this health condition.

Thyroid doctors usually tell patients visit their clinics when their symptoms are severe. When these doctors ask the patients why didn’t they visit us before? They reply that we didn’t know about the dangers this disease can cause. Therefore, knowing the symptoms of hyperthyroidism is a worthy thing.

Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

When hyperthyroidism affects the body, it does not come alone but with many symptoms. Though, the symptoms of hyperthyroidism are always different in every patient. The first effect that this health condition cause is speeding up the metabolism.

When metabolism speeds up, it also causes some changes. For instance, steadiness in metabolism can cause weight loss or gain in many people. However, hyperthyroidism does not only speed up metabolism.

Usually, patients with hyperthyroidism also feel nervousness along with other mental conditions. These conditions can be anxiety as well as irritability. While some people also become hyperactive due to hyperthyroidism. What hyperactivity means when we talk about hyperthyroidism.

A person with hyperthyroidism may find it really difficult to stay still because due to this disease, he/she has a lot of nervous energy. This increment in nervous energy causes hyperthyroidism in patients. Other patients of this disease can also face some other symptoms such as a change in their moods.

In addition to all these symptoms, it is difficult for some patients to get quality sleep. A patient shared the sleeping problems that he experienced during this health condition. He told that he suddenly became unable to get quality sleep.

Apparently, the patient was healthy. And the reason was not known to him: why he was experiencing problems related to sleep. The patient further told me that when I shared my sleeping problems with one of my office colleagues, he advised me to visit a thyroid specialist.

Because the colleague also experienced sleeping problems due to thyroid disease. The patient told that when he visited a thyroid specialist, the doctor completely examined his thyroid gland. After the complete examination, the thyroid specialist diagnosed hyperthyroidism in him.

The doctor recommends to this patient overcome hyperthyroidism first and then he will be able to get quality sleep.

Complications Caused by Hyperthyroidism

If a patient with hyperthyroidism does not get effective treatment on time, there can be many health complications. Usually, these complications occur if hyperthyroidism affects any person for a long time or the symptoms of it get worsen.

Thyroid Storm

It is among the rare diseases of thyroid problems. But thyroid storm will occur if a patient leaves hyperthyroidism untreated for a long time. When your body overdrives it means that there will be too many hormones in the body.

A high number of thyroid hormones in the body can become a life-threatening condition for many people. Because it can cause severe health conditions such as rapid heart rate as well as fever. In addition to these symptoms, high blood pressure can also be a symptom of a thyroid storm in the body.

Pregnancy Complications

If a lady with hyperthyroidism becomes pregnant, it can bring many health conditions. However, if hyperthyroidism affects pregnancy then it can also be fatal for both the mother and child. For example, high levels of thyroid hormones in pregnant women can affect the growth of the fetus as well as have negative impacts on mothers’ health.

Similarly, it can also raise the risks of miscarriage in ladies with hyperthyroidism.