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Major Health Challenges Every Working Women Have To Face



Major Health Challenges Every Working Women Have To Face

Women tend to overlook their health conditions as compared to men. They pay the least attention to taking regular checkups and noticing the prominent symptoms their health is experiencing. As per the research, women are prone to many serious health problems, including heart attacks. Women face problems like cervical cancer, menopause, breast cancer, and unplanned pregnancy.

Major Health Challenges Every Working Women Have To Face
According to the report, in Canada depression is the growing disease and is prevalent among women. Other than this, women face urinary tracts and sexually transmitted diseases as well. Here in this blog, you will come across the most common disease that women tend to experience and the ways to overcome them.

Most Common Health Challenges Working Women Experience

Major Health Challenges Every Working Women Have To Face


When a woman faces health issues, her body began to show prominent signs including hair fall, poor skin problems, cramps, and body pain. Though there are a number of remedies to fight with these issues including the PRP treatment helps women to keep hair healthy yet many take their health for granted.
Here is a list of top 10 health challenges that every working experience along with the ways to overcome the issue.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is one of the most common health concerns among women. It is triggered due to a number of factors including irregular diet, hectic lifestyle, and hormonal imbalance. Working women have a more hectic life as compared to those who stay at home due to which they experience stress and fatigue, which influences the hormonal imbalance making them prone to experiencing breast cancer. The easiest solution is to practice mental peace. You need to meditate and focus on taking a healthy diet plan.

Heart Disease

According to the statistics, one in every four deaths among women is due to a heart attack. The most common problem among women is a late diagnosis of the disease. Around 49% of them suffer from high cholesterol and blood pressure and they take near to no necessary precautions. Women and their ignorance towards treating their health condition is the most concerning problem. Due to this, they suffer a number of deadly diseases. The only solution is getting your regular checkups and opting for less cholesterol diet.

Gynecological Health

A Woman’s internal system is prone to health issues more than a man. Menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalance, cramps, frequent urinating, can mimic, and the discharge of leucorrhea is among the many issues. There can be multiple aspects that trigger gynecologist issues among women. A weak immune system can be the greatest one. Working women should get proper iron and calcium supplements that can bridge the imbalance and level up the essential components missing out from their bodies. When the hemoglobin level is equal, you will not feel the pain and the cramps as well.

Cervical and Ovarian Cancer

Cancer originating in your lower uterus is cervical cancer whereas the one originating in the fallopian tubes is referred to as ovarian cancer. Many women are not even aware of the diseases their bodies might be experiencing. If you feel pain during your intercourse that’s a major sign that you might be facing one of these health issues. It can be triggered by lifting weight and getting indulges in more physical activities that your body cannot bear. So, try not to overburden your physical self.

Pregnancy Issues

According to the Human Fertilization and Embryo Authority (HFEA), in the year 2016 women under 35 opted to freeze their reproductive eggs due to workload and career goals. The most common issue among women is an unplanned pregnancy. Due to which they get prone to miscarriages and abortions. A single miscarriage weakness the women’s body internally causing a huge blood loss. The best measure until now is detected to freeze your eggs, as it is the safest measure if you cannot give proper attention to your health.

Depression and Anxiety

According to the research, “from puberty to 50, women are nearly twice as likely as men to develop an anxiety disorder”.Depression among women can be triggered due to multiple factors. It can be triggered due to sudden menopause, delayed in menstrual cycle or due to any hormonal shift. Apart from this, women get tired and exhausted much more quickly than men so they tend to feel irritated and depressed more than them. The best remedy to cure anxiety is to find some me time for yourself and get relaxed.

Autoimmune Diseases

The occurrence of Autoimmune Diseases is due to the inability of body cells to eliminate the threats and restricts the virus attacks. It could be due to many factors. It can cause pain, skin irritation, mild fever, exhaustion, and vertigo. Keep some anti-allergic in your bag if you experience any of such symptoms it will help you take over the issue before it spreads out in your body.


Malnutrition hits women more than men. Moreover, a pregnant woman tends to more deficiency and that could result in death during childbirth. Their body shows little tolerance to pain and with the blood loss the chances of death increase. Women are advised to level up nutritional deficiency and to take the required supplements.


It’s a disease that weakens the bones and makes them fragile enough to get fractured or broken easily. The problem can occur due to a number of reasons, which include age, certain prescriptions, lack of exercise, steroid use, low body mass, alcohol consumption, and smoking. Working women are more likely to experience such issues. You need to keep a check on your activities and consumption.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Women are prone to experiencing sexually transmitted disease, which creates severe impacts on their internal health conditions. They are advised to take necessary precautions and to save themselves from experiencing such deadly disease, which is incurable if extended deep into the internal body.

Wrapping Up

You are responsible for your health and you need to make sure to take care of it by all means. No matter how many responsibilities you are handling, take care of not to avoid taking precautions sand necessary medications. Consult the specialists and physicians to get yourself prescribed with the right medications and treatments. Make sure to take regular checkups to diagnose the disease breathing inside of you before it’s too late.

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