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No One Is Alone: How NuLevel Research Works to Conquer Addiction



Drug addiction is a global phenomenon – it does not affect just one nation. All efforts are exerted to save individuals from such cases. But this is where the challenge comes in: No treatment algorithm works similarly for everyone. This highlights the need to customize a treatment to cater to one’s needs based on the person’s unique situation.

A couple of treatment ways are laid down. A residential treatment could be an option where the person is isolated from work, school, family, and friends in order to undergo intensive treatment. Support groups are everywhere, gathering people of similar aspects in an attempt to help each other. However, its downfall is addiction triggers during the program.

Another option is to receive outpatient treatment where programs can be scheduled around work or school. The patient is treated during the day or evening without isolation techniques. However, the major problem for this case is a relapse after a single treatment.

Keeping drug triggers and cravings in check does not end at stopping and achieving sobriety. Once a patient decides to stop, the brain needs time to recover. During this recovery, cravings can be intense. Triggers play a role in the desire to control addiction, and coping with drug cravings sometimes cannot be avoided.

NuLevel Research has seen the struggles of individuals wanting to get their ‘normal’ lives back. The group’s effort has focused on curating a weapon to fight cravings to reduce drug and alcohol cravings, fight stress and anxiety, and beat mental fog. We want to shift our focus from our goal of being drug-free to what’s blocking us from getting there.

15.1 million people are dependent on alcohol in the United States; 50 million are dependent on Nicotine. 7.4 million are dependent on drugs, and 50% of Americans have a loved one who is dependent on alcohol or narcotics. These figures presented show how therapy, meditation, exercises, and diets are great – but they don’t always cut it off. Something more is needed, such as a solution backed by science to reduce cravings.

Daniel Grimes, the founder of NuLevel Research, has struggled with addiction himself. All efforts were exhausted for him to bounce back to the usual man that he is, but all efforts seem futile. Despite the consequences like anxiety, stress, insomnia, physical strength issues, and cognitive decline such as concentration problems or memory loss, people who have abused drugs for a period of time will continue to crave for it.

The amount of research the founder himself has exerted is attributed to his goal of helping people across the globe. Their flagship product CRAVE Craving Support includes 1,800mgs of a well-studied antioxidant, NAC, coupled with five other natural key ingredients, which are shown in studies to help reduce cravings and boost mental performance.

NuLevel’s reputation has skyrocketed for being able to offer the fruit of its research in the market to help people who are struggling with cravings. The efficacious amounts and lists of every ingredient provide product integrity, which highlights that one actually gets what they pay for.

The ultimate goal of NuLevel Research is to support patients battling with addiction to get back on their feet. The company continues to work on its mission in providing safe solutions for anyone who is willing to get another head start in a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

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