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Pneumeric is Preparing to Share Their Life-Saving Capnospot Device With the World



Pneumeric is Preparing to Share Their Life-Saving Capnospot Device With the World

A tension pneumothorax is a life-threatening condition that can lead to cardiac arrest within minutes, making it one of the leading causes of preventable death in medicine. Because of the seriousness and time-sensitive nature of a tension pneumothorax, emergency personnel often must make critical, instantaneous decisions that can mean the difference between life and death. With only minutes to react, Paramedics and other first-responders need the right tools to save their patient’s life.

Until now, even the best tools in the healthcare industry have not provided the level of clarity and precision that medical professionals need in crisis situations. For tension pneumothorax, the gold standard of care has been to insert a needle into the patient’s chest and listen for a gush of air, an indication that the needle has been correctly placed. Unfortunately, this method is only applicable in ideal situations when the healthcare professional can hear the gush of air – but these situations rarely occur.

When working at the site of a trauma or in the back of an ambulance, Paramedics cannot always hear the gush of air, which leads to guesswork and human errors that often prove fatal.

Pneumeric is changing the way that emergency care is delivered with their groundbreaking tool Capnospot. Instead of relying on the “gold standard” auditory check, first responders can now use a clear visual check, removing the risk for preventable deaths even in noisy on-site conditions.

Now, Pneumeric is raising capital to help them expand their products and make the Capnospot available to medical facilities and ambulances around the country. Founded by Dr. John Aho, Pneumeric is poised to make the device available to providers of medical care within the next 12 months.

Research and development for Capnospot was conducted at one of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations, and after significant development and refinement, it has shown impressive results in pre-clinical and clinical study. Rather than listening for auditory confirmation, first responders use Capnospot’s visual detection system, a clear Yes or No color change that detects the rush of air that escapes the patient’s chest wall.

“Capnospot provides immediate feedback that you have done the procedure correctly, so you don’t have to guess,” Dr. Aho says. “We remove doubt and subjective interpretation and replace it with clear, objective data.”

Pneumeric has already received funding to continue their research and development, and they are now conducting further fundraising efforts to bring their product to market throughout the United States. In addition to working with successful Angel Investors, Pneumeric also has crowdfunding opportunities available through Microventures — allowing every person to invest in a tool that has the potential to save their life.

To learn more about Pneumeric’s revolutionary needle thoracostomy device, Capnospot, visit

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