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Ric Flair Rises To The Occasion



Ric Flair Rises To The Occasion

With more than 50 years of professional wrestling experience under his belt, Ric Flair has become a sports legend. Many consider the 73-year old entertainer to be the greatest professional wrestler of all time, but “the Nature Boy” has many other notable accomplishments and a storied past that have turned him into a pop culture icon. With a larger-than-life personality and a reputation that precedes him, Ric Flair continues to expand his empire, showing no signs of slowing down.

Although the Nature Boy has attempted to retire from wrestling, his love of the sport is too great, and in September of 2022 he announced that he would never retire. With a host of health problems due to more than five decades of extreme physical exertion, Ric Flair is an unlikely candidate to stay in the ring. But the same determination that helped him to recover from a plane crash in 1975, when doctors feared he would never wrestle again, will likely propel him to whatever goals he sets for himself.

Well-Known Ladies Man

Ric Flair is possibly as well-known for his womanizing as he is for his wrestling. He has been married five times and also admits to sleeping with more than 10,000 women in his life. Flair has fathered four children, all of whom were involved with professional wrestling at some point in their careers. He is currently married to Wendy Barlow, whom he met through wrestling in 1993; the two wed in 2018 and Flair is adamant that he has been faithful to Barlow during their union.

New Ventures

In addition to “returning” to wrestling (although he really never left), Flair has added to his plate as of late. He continues to sell official merchandise through his own website, as well as reviving his podcast, which is now called, “To Be the Man.” He launched “Wooooo! Wings,” a virtual restaurant, which has now expanded into six cities; and partnered with Mike Tyson on a cannabis line that is sold in Arizona, Nevada, and California. He has also picked up several impressive endorsement deals, most recently with anti-aging telehealth company Nu Image Medical.

Nu Image Medical Partnership

Between his reputation as a Lothario and his stamina to continue his physically demanding career for more than five decades, Ric Flair makes for an ideal anti-aging spokesperson. Nu Image Medical partnered with him specifically to promote their Mt. Everest rapid dissolve tablets for erectile dysfunction (also known as ED).

Already known nationally for their regenerative programs that tackle the many physical and hormonal effects of aging, Nu Image Medical has recently expanded their already-robust product line to include sexual health and enhancement products. Mt. Everest is their flagship offering for men, and Screamer Gel Max is designed for women.

Ric Flair’s partnership with Nu Image Medical is a natural fit, as he himself meets the criteria to benefit from Mt. Everest, which combats ED while simultaneously increasing libido and enhancing the entire sexual experience. Mt. Everest 3-in-1 tablets are absorbed directly into the bloodstream without requiring digestion, which means clients can see results in as little as 5 minutes. Generic ED tablets typically take 60 minutes until users feel the effects and are able to perform.

ED, which is the inability to achieve erections and sustain them during sexual intercourse, is one of the most prolific and aggravating effects of aging. More than half of men will experience some form of ED during their lifetime, and ED can occur for a wide variety of reasons. ED can be attributed to heart disease, blood vessel disease, diabetes, certain medications, obesity, smoking, depression, anxiety, stress, or a combination of factors. ED is all too common, and the emotional toll that it takes on men has helped Mt. Everest to become a flagship product for Nu Image Medical.

Nu Image Medical has differentiated themselves from competitors by creating proprietary dosages and synergistic combinations of existing, trusted medications. Their modifications to existing prescriptions leads to maximum results for their clients. Founded by CEO Andreas Dettlaff in 2008, the first program that Nu Image Medical launched was their wildly successful weight loss solution. Since then, Dettlaff’s team of medical experts have formulated programs for hair thinning and loss, hormonal imbalances, and insomnia, before delving into sexual enhancement programs.

Andreas Dettlaff has always centered the company around the simple goal of helping people, and this has driven Nu Image Medical to design every program around customers’ specific requests. Any new formulation is selected for development based on market research of client needs, ensuring both high customer satisfaction and future revenue.

Always an early adopter, Dettlaff was one of the first to pursue telemedicine in order to expand his company’s reach. Nu Image Medical remains licensed in all 50 states so that their medical providers can diagnose deficiencies and prescribe programs via phone calls and video calls with clients. Due to the sensitive nature of physical changes brought on by aging, this approach has only added to Nu Image Medical’s appeal with their loyal customer base.

Now, with wrestling legend and pop culture icon Ric Flair helping to grow the Mt. Everest and Nu Image Medical brands, Andreas Dettlaff’s life’s work is poised for explosive growth. The Nature Boy brings his dynamic and instantly recognizable personality to yet another winning product line. Woooo!

Fazy is a contributor at Kivo Daily and many more notable publications.