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Taking Care Of An Afador Dog Breed



Have you just gotten a new Afador dog, and you’re having trouble figuring out how to properly take care of it? Well, don’t worry because this article will certainly provide the information you’ll need to learn about that dog breed.

Hence their name, Afadors, are a mixed type of breed derived from the Afghan Hound, which is from Afghanistan, and the Labrador Retriever, which is from Canada. They’re typically big dogs, and they’re usually black. They’re an incredible crossbreed that originated in Alaska. And their behaviors are known to be affectionate, smart, and loyal! Not to mention, they’re also convenient, hardworking dogs that you can train to do a variety of tasks. But, one thing you need to know is how many treats to give a dog a day.

If you have an Afador dog breed, you should know the basics and the procedures on how to provide them with the best care, and it’s also important to know what to do if your dog has fleas or ticks. Below is everything you need to know about them!

  • Physical Characteristics

As mentioned, the Afador dog breed usually has a color of black, gray, brown, red, white, or a combination of these. Their full-grown height usually ranges from 50-75 cm, and their weight is between 60 and 75 pounds! They can grow into big, hairy dogs, considering that the Golden Retriever is also their ancestor.

  • Lifespan

The lifespan of the Afador dog breed is typically 10–12 years. But of course, the length of their lifespan will depend on how suitable the environment is for the dog, their health, and how much care the owner has given them. But nevertheless, their lifespan might not be very long. Thus, make sure to cherish every moment with them!

  • Behavior

The Afador dog breed is known to be affectionate, intelligent, hardworking, and loyal. They’re energetic and active animals that require regular exercise. They’re also known to be adventurous! In addition, these dogs are also known to become guard dogs as they tend to be cautious around strangers.

These dogs are typically suited for homes with lawns, a place where they could run around and play. They’re also suited for adventurous and active families with children ten years old and older.

Remember to set aside time for them to go for walks in parks to expose them to socializing or to play with them in your house because they tend to require physical exercises. You can also choose to train them because they’re known to be smart. However, patience might be required.

  • Meal time

Afador dogs require sufficient and quality mealtime each day, which means they should be served about 1.5–2.5 cups daily. Their meal should also consist of the proper minerals and vitamins that a dog needs, and keep in mind to be knowledgeable on what foods are prohibited for dogs!

This breed can be prone to bloating. So when you see them having a big tummy after eating, you should assess what foods they ate and carefully research what foods are right for them so you can prevent them from having complications.

  • Grooming

The fur of these dogs is particularly long, so be prepared! They tend to shed a lot because their fur is thick. Thus, regular bathing and grooming might be needed so you can prevent tangles and dirt from accumulating in their skin and also avoid a fur mess in your house. Take an effort to trim their long fur at least every four weeks, and remember to assess their skin regularly for fleas and allergies in order to maintain their fur and skin properly and neatly,


In conclusion, Afador dog breeds require quality care. Make them feel loved, and see to it that you’re qualified to be an owner by knowing how to be responsible and attentive toward their needs.