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The Benefits of a Single Tooth Implant



single tooth implant cross keys

A single tooth implant Cross Keys is one of the most natural ways to replace a missing tooth. It looks and feels like the real thing, and it can help you to chew and eat as normally as you did with your original tooth.

Before your dentist can place the implant, however, they will need to ensure that you have sufficient bone structure to support it. If you don’t, they may recommend a bone graft before the surgery.


The cost of a single tooth implant can vary significantly. It depends on many factors, including the materials used for the implants and the crowns.

It also depends on the amount of time it takes to complete the procedure. For example, if the patient has to undergo bone grafting, it may take up to six months to complete the surgery and install the crown.

Dental insurance typically covers a portion of the cost of dental implants, but the percentage of reimbursement varies. There are also dollar caps and lifetime limits, so you must be aware of these factors.

The final costs of dental implants can also depend on where you live. Surgeons often charge higher fees for services performed in areas with a high cost of living. They also have to pay more for labor and office space.


Single tooth implants are an excellent way to restore a missing tooth in a cosmetically acceptable manner. They allow your dentist to replace a tooth that is damaged or fully extracted so that it looks natural and leaves the surrounding teeth undisturbed.

Implants are usually made of titanium, a bio-compatible metal that has a special property called osseointegration. This process allows the implant to bond directly with the bone.

After the implant is placed in the jawbone, it will take time for the bone to heal and form a strong bond with it. This can take several months to complete.

Once the implant has healed, a crown will be added to it to create a new tooth. This can be either screwed or cemented onto the abutment.


A single tooth implant Cross Keys is a dental prosthetic that replaces a missing tooth, restoring your oral health and boosting your confidence. The procedure itself is relatively easy and safe.

The implant is surgically inserted into the jawbone. It then undergoes a process of integration with the bone called osseointegration.

After the implant is integrated, a connector (known as an abutment) is added on top to connect it with the replacement tooth. This is done through a minor surgery that requires local anesthesia.

During the recovery period, the dentist may place a healing cap on the implant to help the gum tissue heal properly.

If a patient does not have enough bone in the jaw, the dentist can use a bone graft to add more bone. This can be done before or after the implant is placed.


A single tooth implant can provide a permanent solution to missing teeth. Unlike dentures, it protects the jawbone from resorption and reduces the stress that a missing tooth creates in your mouth.

After your surgery, you may experience bruising and mild discomfort for a few days. This is well managed by medication and post-operative care provided by your dentist.

However, if you have a complex procedure or several implants placed, your recovery time might be longer.

During the first few days after your procedure, you will need to avoid heavy exertion and exercise and stick to a soft diet. These steps can help to reduce bleeding and also keep the blood clots around your implant healthy.

Pain after your surgery should peak within a few days and then slowly decline over a week or so. If the pain persists, consult with your doctor. It could be an allergic reaction to the anesthetic or a serious infection.