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The Benefits of a Walk-on Back Massage: Relaxation and Pain Relief



Walk-On Back Massage

We get phone calls from prospective clients every week inquiring about the types of massages we provide. Is it true that we offer a back walking massage? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Let’s introduce this massage technique now and its advantages and disadvantages.

What Is Walk-on-Back Massage?

Ashiatsu, also known as walk-on back massage, is a form of bodywork that uses the feet to improve the human body. According to practitioners, the therapy has its own healing art and is considered one type of alternative medicine. Barefoot massage originates in East Asia and has a long history in many Asian nations.

Walking massage also incorporates eastern philosophy, religion, culture, and tradition. It has to do with learning about Chi and Zen. While back walking is fairly common in Asia, it’s still fairly new in North America.

The Origin of Ashitsu 

Ashitsu is a Japanese massage technique that originated in Japan. It is a form of shiatsu massage that is performed with the feet rather than the hands. The word “Ashi” means “foot” in Japanese, and “tsu” means “pressure.” The massage can be performed on the floor using aids such as ropes and chains, or balancing props such as bamboo rods, poles, chairs, and/or ceiling bars. The therapist uses their feet to apply pressure to specific points on the client’s body to release tension and promote relaxation. A Shiatsu massage is a deeper and more intense form of Shiatsu massage in Vancouver, WA.

The Benefits of Shiatsu Massage 

In some circumstances, the advantages of the massage are obvious by the end of the session. It is possible that towards the end of your message, you will already be experiencing the benefits of the massage. It does not always work this way, and even if you feel the pleasant results of the massage, you may be in agony for a few days before you experience the full influence of what the massage has done for you. However, this is a good massage to get, especially if you have muscle soreness or tension, for the following reasons:

  1. Deep tissue massage: Ashiatsu provides deep pressure without causing discomfort.
  2. Improved circulation: The massage helps to increase blood flow and oxygenation to the muscles.
  3. Reduced muscle tension: The deep pressure applied during Ashiatsu can help to relieve muscle tension and pain.
  4. Improved flexibility: Ashiatsu can help to increase the range of motion and flexibility.
  5. Stress relief: The massage can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation.
  6. Improved posture: Ashiatsu can help to correct postural imbalances and improve overall posture.

What To Expect From a Back Massage?

Several things can be anticipated during a back walking massage, including the following:

  1. Prepare Yourself For The Blatantly Obvious

Someone will be barefooted walking on your back. It might feel a little uneasy at first, but you get to choose whether you like that feeling or not, whether you want to put up with it or not.

  1. Questions about Physical Health 

If this is your first time receiving a back walking massage, expect them to inquire about your physical health before the massage. To make sure you don’t have any conditions or issues that the massage could exacerbate, they might ask you a few brief health-related questions and perform a quick physical examination.

  1. Be Prepared For Limitations

In a few spas, this massage is only available to those who are at least 18 years old and in good health.

  1. Be Prepared For Discomfort

Not everyone who receives a back walking massage feels pain. Even though the majority feels some pain, many people don’t. In order to be ready if it does happen, approach the situation by expecting the worst.

  1. Be Prepared To Not Have All The Answers

When giving a massage, keep in mind that each person and each location are unique.

Let’s delve deeper into the advantages of getting a back walking massage now that we’ve talked about some things to anticipate when getting one.

The Final Bottomline 

Back walking massages are becoming more and more common, and Asian massage parlors are beginning to offer them. Bones, joints, and soft tissues are all subjected to this force. There are numerous widespread benefits, such as stress relief and relaxation. There are some other alternative types of massage techniques for those who are concerned about it because, in some categories, it could be dangerous. So, if you believe that the benefits of this massage exceed the risks, and you believe that it could genuinely assist and benefit you individually, and you want to try something new to help with muscle discomfort in your back, a back walking massage may be the ideal fit for you.