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The Best Orthopedics In Pakistan




It is the Orthopedic Department at Horizon Hospital that has the best Orthopedics in Lahore. The department of orthopedics is state-of-the-art as well as its operating theatre and post-operative recovery facilities conform to international norms.

Horizon Hospital has an exceptional OR theatre for orthopedic surgery. It is equipped with an airflow system called laminar (modular) to reduce the risk of infection thanks to its airflow system, as well as antibacterial surfaces to eliminate bacteria from entering the OR.

Horizon hospital is the best Orthopedic department led by Dr. Ahsan Shamim, a famous Orthopedic Surgeon. His primary area of expertise includes knee joint replacement. There are also four other senior Orthopedic surgeons who perform various kinds of orthopedic surgery in the hospital.

How is the Best Orthopedic Surgery Done at Horizon Hospital?

The most important thing to do prior to going through surgery is that every patient is provided with an official pre-operative evaluation with the assistance of a physician and a cardiologist, and anesthesia to ensure all medical conditions are identified and cured prior to when surgery day arrives.

Professionals with years of experience and expertise make use of the latest technologies to perform surgery with precision and precision. The hospital is equipped with a surgical theatre as well as a recovery room to ensure patients enjoy an enjoyable and comfortable post-operative experience. The hospital also offers pre-operative services to aid patients in their preparation for surgery.

It is outfitted with the most modern diagnostic tools that allow surgeons to diagnose and treat orthopedic ailments efficiently. The hospital is staffed with a team of committed nurses and staff that are available 24 hours a day to offer care and assistance for those who are patients, as well as families. The hospital is also outfitted with a well-equipped physiotherapy unit to assist patients recovering swiftly after surgery.

What Types Of Orthopedic Surgeries Are Performed At Horizon Hospital?

Our top orthopedic surgeons are able to perform different types of orthopedic surgeries at the hospital, including:

  • Joint Replacements (Knee and hip) on a daily basis are operated on.
  • Spinal surgery Laminectomies that include disc excision and posterior instruments. Treatment for back pain, disc bulges, and the possibility of spinal fractures.
  • Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) involves long bone fractures that include the fixation of the clavicle and even spinal fixations using MIS.
  • Surgery called arthroscopic (keyhole procedure) and knee ACL reconstruction has excellent outcomes, as the ankle, and shoulder joint arthroscopic procedures in chronic pain too.
  • Treatment of all fractures, whether closed or open by minimally invasive surgical procedures when it is

Pain Management

Another specialization of orthopedic surgeons is the treatment of pain. This includes the treatment of low back pain with different median and facet nerve blocks using the guidance of fluoroscopic surgery as a daily case.

Few Other Problems

The top Orthopedics Surgeons across Pakistan are also dealing with issues like shoulder and neck pain sciatica and hip pain, as well as ankle and knee pain using different non-surgical techniques.

Paediatric Orthopedic Surgery

There are also a few orthopedic surgeons who have a particular desire to work with children’s orthopedic surgeries (children) cases, such as hip and club foot problems in children.

Our Best Orthopedic In Pakistan Take Up The Most Challenging Cases

The top orthopedics in Lahore are here to tackle difficult cases like bone tumors that result from bone infections as well as non-united fractures and many other Orthopaedic issues. This is why they are considered to be the best orthopedic surgeons in Lahore.

The cases of orthopedics show excellent results, not only because of our orthopedics staff but also due to one of the most important measures post-operatively is having a fully-equipped and specialized department for physiotherapy. The physiotherapy typically begins at the bedside on the following day after surgery. In all cases of orthopedic surgery, the physiotherapy continues throughout the time the patient is in the hospital, as well as at home following the patient’s discharge.

Horizon Hospital has a panel of top orthopedic surgeons who are renowned orthopedic surgeons in Lahore who can provide advice as well as treatment of a broad variety of orthopedic issues. Patients can rest assured that they’re in good hands at Horizon Hospital.

The objective of the orthopedics department is to be truthful and to play it safe, be aware of the best time to put down the knife when it is not necessary. Just like orthopods, every orthopod says, “The enemy of good is better”.


Horizon Hospital has the top Orthopedics available in Lahore. The hospital’s OR theatre is equipped with an airflow system to reduce the risk of infection thanks to its laminar (modular) airflow system, as well as antibacterial surfaces to eliminate bacteria from entering the OR. There are four senior surgeons who perform various kinds of surgery in the hospital. The department of orthopedic surgeons is state-of-the-art and its post-operative facilities conform to international norms.

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