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The Most Useful Tips for Healthy Aging of Women



The Most Useful Tips for Healthy Aging of Women

Nobody can escape aging, but we can all make an extra effort to stay healthy. Those individuals that ‘invest’ more in a healthy lifestyle are awarded incrementally over time, and adopting good habits becomes a necessity as the years roll on. Unfortunately, women tend to prioritize wellbeing of their family members, but we’d all be in better condition to help others – and indeed ourselves – by making our own health a priority. With that taken into consideration, here are the most useful tips for healthy aging of women.

1. Exercise (of course)

In its very essence, life is kinetic, so you’d better keep on moving. While regular, disciplined exercising routines are recommended, the most important thing is to simply stay physically active. That spring in your step will keep you going longer than you think. If you are retired, you’ll have enough time on your hands to walk at least three hours every day, so make the best out of your opportunity to run errands on foot.

1. Exercise (of course)

If you are in the mood for something more intense and physically demanding, talk to your healthcare provider first and never start your gym sessions without the supervision of a professional trainer (not even if you have previous experience in such an environment).

2. Have a consistent dietary timing

‘Eat a diverse and healthy diet’ is one of the oldest tips in the book, so there’s a great chance you have already adopted a light, protein-rich diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables. Did you know that your dietary timing is just as important as what you eat?

2. Have a consistent dietary timing

Keep a consistent eating schedule – always have meals and snacks at the same time throughout the day, and soak up some sunlight for the most efficient influx of vitamin D. However, you should also avoid the sun between 10 AM and 17 MP unless you have covered yourself with a broad-spectrum sunscreen! You can also add that factor into your schedule for the most impeccably organized days.

3. Spend more time socializing

You may be spending your retirement years in the comfort of your home or in the aged care residence like Mark Moran Vaucluse, but no matter where you are situated, you should go out of your way to socialize with as many peers as possible. Should you’re asking yourself how socialization can impact your physical health, the answer is – in more ways than you may think. Being a social butterfly affects your energy levels, it keeps you in a good mood and afloat when matters get dire.

3. Spend more time socializing

The old proverb says that laughter is the best medicine out there, and there is some truth to that. Merry company will influence your mental health which, in turn, influences your physical health. Furthermore, talking it over may help you uncover early symptoms of a condition you were never aware of. ‘Sharing is caring’ gets a new level of meaning with the elderly.

4. Intensify your screenings

The amount of time we get to spend with our doctors is getting shorter and you need to screen more often. Visiting your designated healthcare professional once a year will simply not cut it anymore and you’ll have to diversify and intensify your screenings. You can actually talk with your doctor about this – have a reasonable conversation about how often you should get screened and stick to the schedule.

Do a regular breast cancer checkup, stay on top of every examination and never skip any of them, no matter what. One checkup can make a world of difference if a condition is discovered on time.  Do a Pap smear at least once in two years, learn how to do a monthly self-exam of breasts if you haven’t already, and always check your skin for traces of potential unwanted changes.

There are no cheat sheets for health and graceful aging. Cosmetic treatments are only superficial and they simply cannot change the way you feel inside. You’ll have to put in a consistent and significant effort in order to reap the benefits of healthy aging. Above all else, the most important factors to be concerned about is whether you feel energetic and sharp. Everything else can easily fall into place after these two cornerstones are well established.

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